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MasterDave t1_j3lt69z wrote

everyone's about to fuck around and find out.

Sure wish the directors could be held directly responsible for anyone who dies due to a lack of nurses available. It would be nice to see them have some prision time in their endless quest for profits in the healthcare system.

Just fucking hire more nurses, pay them better and treat them with respect. It ain't fucking hard.


sternfan1523 t1_j3m4gyh wrote

Whose everyone? Nobody besides hospital administrators don’t think we should be giving more resources to health care professionals.


ChrisNYC70 t1_j3muct6 wrote

no more nurses to hire. the whole country has a nursing shortage. this has been the case for years and it’s getting worse when you look at the nurse per patient ratio.

what really sucks is that we have people who have immigrated from other countries. but since we refuse to allow their experience and certification to carry over these people are not eligible to work


lkroa t1_j3njmk0 wrote

it’s not a shortage of nurses. it’s a shortage of nurses willing to work under these conditions (which have been rapidly worsening for years). many nurses are leaving the bedside for non bedside roles, retiring early, or moving to other careers entirely.

fix the working conditions and you won’t have a nursing shortage


ChrisNYC70 t1_j3nro87 wrote

Disagree. I work with a non profit that provides home care and health and wellness classes. Our nurse retired back in Feb. she loved her job with us. No bed pans. It was just meeting with clients and reviewing medications. Setting goals. 90% of the clients came to her and for home bound clients she had an Uber account for them. It was a 9-5 Monday through Friday job. Vacation, sick, health insurance, retirement plan. The works. Salary was in the low $90k.

We have always had a hard time finding nurses and it’s not the pay, location, type of job, co workers or hours. When you speak to any nursing school or temp agency they will tell you the people are not out there. Right now when we need nurses , the most over the last 10 years we have seen less and less people want to become nurses. Younger people are expected to be “more than nurses” all are pushed to go to school and get a business degree or if they have interest in medicine. It’s to be a doctor, dentist, vet even.

It’s not as simple as pay them more and they will come.


PBreg t1_j3o9mf7 wrote

Nobody wants to be a doctor anymore. PA schools and other "provider" pathways provide better schedules, almost the same amount of money, and they wear long white coats so patient's don't even know they're not doctors.

And that's not even mentioning the lack of respect that doctors get now, not just from the C suite executives, but also from a lot of patients as well. Just like nursing, it's just not worth becoming a doctor anymore.


ShatteredCitadel t1_j3o60zo wrote

You can disagree all you want. Why do you think people want to work as a doctor or dentist or vet over being a nurse? It sure as shit isn’t cause they like staring at teeth or putting their hand up a cows birthing canal. It’s money. Nurses earn considerably less than the three professions you listed. If the nurses earned $500K for the top on their field in specialist positions like doctors do (or even more for the real rockstars) then you bet your ass people would line up out the door for nurses.

A lack of good wages for a long time has kept interest in the role down. Now there’s both a wage and staff shortage. Even if they up the salaries to insane levels the staff problem won’t be solved.


volkommm t1_j3ocp67 wrote

Most people are at the job they are at because their ACTUAL dream jobs are unattainable or unrealistic due to lack of opportunity, lack of willpower/intelligence, or other circumstances.

Not everyone can be an astronaut, but I bet you everyone on that mission planning team wishes they were.

There's a difference between people wanting a job for money and wanting a job because it's decent money and it's the best they can do.


ShatteredCitadel t1_j3oh8yt wrote

I would absolutely be a nurse if it paid way more. Many people would. Not because it’s money because there are people who are passionate about many things.


numba1cyberwarrior t1_j3mq1b1 wrote

> It would be nice to see them have some prision time in their endless quest for profits in the healthcare system.

Mount Sinai is a non profit


TheWhalersOnTheMoon t1_j3ms58d wrote

Honestly, for-profit and non-profit hospitals behave about the same (sure, the bottom line profits aren't distributed to shareholders or whatever, but the still ensure they are maximizing revenue). Look up the largest healthcare systems in each state, most of them are probably "non-profit" and still bringing in 10+ billion in revenues each year.


numba1cyberwarrior t1_j3msupt wrote

Revenue isn't profit, doing some napkin math you could prob seize every single penny from all the Mount Sinai executives and it wouldn't even pay for the raises that the employees are demanding.

Fact is that healthcare is expensive as shit.


TheWhalersOnTheMoon t1_j3mvjzx wrote

I know the difference, though not sure why that matters in this context? I'm just saying that the behavior of the two entities do not differ much - you'll find that some of the most expensive hospitals in the country are in fact non-profit (mostly due to their size). And yeah, no one can disagree with the fact that healthcare is expensive as shit in America.


Human-Fishing-9292 t1_j3ov4jh wrote

You do not represent the Registered Nurses in a good light. Your tirade ,especially with foul language, brings my profession down into the level of the sewer. Have some PRIDE and act as a PROFESSIONAL.


drpvn t1_j3m0g5f wrote

You think people will die because of this?


MasterDave t1_j3m58f3 wrote

I think people are -already- dying because of this. This isn't a new concern, hospitals have been understaffed for the last 2 years minimum, even longer in reality.

Most of the time nobody gives a shit since it's just been old people that have been the majority of the corpses and we've decided as a society that "fuck old people" is just fine in the last couple years. A nurse shortage and now a nurse outage has pretty clear implications with regards to responding to acute problems in a hospital, not to mention the inability to properly diagnose new patients.

Doctors are good and all, but the nurse is the first line of defense and gets paid fuck all for doing it. The doctors just come in, read the nurse's notes and do their best most of the time. Bad info in, bad treatment out.


drpvn t1_j3m5g8j wrote

I meant because of the strike specifically, which is what your comment implies.


thelowgun t1_j3m8egl wrote

Do you think hospitals with no nurses will lead to more deaths?


drpvn t1_j3m8m3r wrote

I would assume so, but what do I know.


OmenCrow t1_j3mk19a wrote

In case it isn’t obvious, please avoid Mount Sinai for emergency care services until this is resolved. The ED and inpatient floors will be significantly understaffed with traveling nurses who do not necessarily have experience in the areas they are working in. And support the nurses advocating for safe staffing ratios and fair compensation!


iheartpizzaberrymuch t1_j3mzop7 wrote

All of MS hospitals aren't effected. Some are. I think the ones in Manhattan are but ones in other areas aren't effected. MS still trifling for making people strike for basic shit.


OmenCrow t1_j3n0bw3 wrote

You’re right- at this point only the main Mount Sinai hospital is affected. Sinai Morning side, West and Beth Israel have all come to agreements with the union.


ketzal7 t1_j3ob34h wrote

It was already a mess even before this. Hours and hours of waiting.


sarahv7896 t1_j3nxhix wrote

No one should ever de-prioritize their health, however, I hope a secondary benefit to this strike is having people re-evaluate what emergencies are appropriate for the hospital vs Dr. office, urgent care, etc.


Locem t1_j3mz7jv wrote

Well, I wish the nurses the best of luck, but this royally fucks me since I have a non-critical surgical procedure this week that's now likely going to get delayed. God damnit.


falthusnithilar t1_j3n8hwv wrote

That's why you need to have only critical surgeries.


Locem t1_j3no3o7 wrote

I truly wouldn't care if this was not a procedure to correct something thats causing me constant pain.

Unfortunately it is.


falthusnithilar t1_j3nuzky wrote

I feel you. I once needed an immediate root canal and was told it was non-critical. I hope you find pain relief soon!


ICantThinkOfANameBud t1_j3r76t2 wrote

It depends on what hospital you're having your surgery at.


Locem t1_j3rcnau wrote

The Mount Sinai facility around 98th, which is where at least one of the four facilities that's getting striked


Hrekires t1_j3na3t2 wrote

Which hospitals aren't affected?


lkroa t1_j3nk1oe wrote

while all hospitals will technically be affected, the two striking hospitals are Mount Sinai (the main location) and Montefiore (Moses, Weiler, and Hutch campuses)


ICantThinkOfANameBud t1_j3r6imm wrote

Public hospitals like Bellevue will not be affected according to my mother who is a nurse at Bellevue


lkroa t1_j3ttmp0 wrote

i mean to some extent, any hospital near one or the striking hospitals will be affected. bellevue is pretty far from monte and mount sinai, so they probably won’t feel anything. public hospital nurses can’t strike by law, so i think that’s more of what your mom meant, by public hospitals not being affected

however jacobi and north central bronx are right by montefiore and given montefiore is on diversion, they are likely seeing higher volume since ambulances aren’t going to montefiore.

lenox hill is opening their makeshift units from the height of covid to accommodate increased volume of patients from mount sinai’s strike. (i know lenox hill isn’t a public hospital)


Spunge14 t1_j3nnhgv wrote

Edit: removing wrong info here - see person below me


dfigiel1 t1_j3ou18g wrote

Langone is unionized but isn’t NYSNA. Their nurses are 1199.


MarketMan123 t1_j3noulj wrote

Curious if anyone here works at CityMD and if they’re seeing an increased volume and wait time as a result of people not going to ERs.

(Yes, I know the two shouldn’t be interchangeable, but some folks treat them that way)


mtempissmith t1_j3qa0ie wrote

I've already had two appts rescheduled as tele-appointments. I expect that will continue until this is over and the Covid uptick has leveled out.


Deluxe78 t1_j3ojym4 wrote

Other then NY legislators just gave themselves the biggest raise in the nation?


[deleted] t1_j3mk7rv wrote



workaccountrabbit t1_j3mn7ph wrote

It's not lack of pay, it's lack of nurses. NYSNA said as such, the time of empty promises is over. The ratio of nurses to patients is unsafe at nearly 20 to 1 at times. My job has almost 500 opening for nurses, it's a systematic choice they are making by refusing to staff accordingly. Unfortunately for them Nurses are much more irreplaceable than other positions so now the hospital is suffering due to their lack of care.


anonyuser415 t1_j3monkn wrote

> It's not lack of pay, it's lack of nurses

From even this linked article, it appears to be both.


workaccountrabbit t1_j3mr8gn wrote

The Hospitals agreed to their money demands, they do not agree to the staffing demands. If they only cared about the money, the strike would not be happening.


vuelies_queen t1_j3moean wrote

Not about pay. Pay comes secondary to Enforcement of Safe Staffing ratios. You ask these nurses on the picket lines what they’re fighting for:

Safe staffing. I don’t know what state your BIL works in but these hospitals in New York City are severely understaffed. Only California in the whole nation has an actual LAW on set nurse to patient ratios.

Regular floor mount Sinai nurses have been taking care of 6-8 pts, a lot of ICU nurses had 1:3/1:4 these past couple of years which is incredibly unsafe.


coolwithstuff t1_j3n68sx wrote

The way to hire more nurses is to increase the pay.


lkroa t1_j3njw30 wrote

but also to have better working conditions. no nurse wants a person to die on their watch because they were too busy with a too high patient load


mowotlarx t1_j3nkqwi wrote

>Not discrediting his hard work and determination it took to get there but what exactly are they striking for?

You literally discredited him in the second half of your sentence. What a bad faith argument. Hospital nurses break their fucking backs with limited staff and resources to care for people, and you trot out some lazy personal anecdote?


[deleted] t1_j3nw1gc wrote



mowotlarx t1_j3o4c2d wrote

Why are you transferring your jealousy and other issues with your BIL into a NY Nurses Strike? That's a lot of projection.


JanaT2 t1_j3mp7kj wrote

Safe patient care ratios. Plus the money isn’t all that great when you consider the enormous responsibilities


ScarcitySenior3791 t1_j3ole91 wrote

You said your BIL is on call. Cath lab? OR? PACU?

You need to understand that working conditions vary greatly from unit to unit. If you are a med surg nurse with 8 high acuity patients, you cannot provide good care. If you are an ER nurse with 2 dozen patients (or whatever bullshit ratio Mt. Sinai prides itself on because it purports to be so "hardcore"), you cannot provide good care. If you are an ICU nurse with 3 patients on vents, you cannot provide good care. Moreso if you have no ancillary support staff like CNAs.

Most of us will be hospitalized at some point in our lives. What's going on right now impacts all of us. Do you want to be in the hospital under the care of nurses who can't possibly keep up with their workload, who are burnt out from dealing with admin who don't give a shit?


[deleted] t1_j3mmt73 wrote



JanaT2 t1_j3mp60s wrote

It’s about safe care and safe nurse to patient ratios


lickedTators t1_j3mt7u6 wrote

Why can't they have more money and maintain benefits?


mowotlarx t1_j3nlaa5 wrote

They can. These hospital systems can both afford to increase pay, maintain benefits and hire more nurses. They choose not to because of pure unchecked corporate greed wherein their boards demand skyrocketing profits year after year. They don't care about quality of service at the top, they care about how many millions of dollars in bonuses they can give themselves while they thank their ICU unit with a pizza party.


mowotlarx t1_j3nl0dx wrote

Ethics? How ethical is it that the CEOs of the two health care systems in this strike are making millions of dollars in salary annually with bonuses. That's fucking unethical. These health systems have plenty of money to go around to increase worker pay for the people who do care work and hire more of them for safe staffing. They can. They choose not to because of pure top down greed.