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Grass8989 t1_j6kp095 wrote

This was intentional and targeted.


CarlCarbonite t1_j6nvs9u wrote

Hit and run also. If you want we can even hit ‘em with the old “driving in the bus lane” violation.


mowotlarx t1_j6kd3hz wrote

People who do this deserve the harshest attempted manslaughter sentencing we can offer.


sanjsrik t1_j6kdl3q wrote

Did they catch him?


werdnak84 t1_j6leyok wrote

It's Rockerfeller Center it's one of the busiest parts of the city. I HOPE someone caught him!


bk1357908642 t1_j6nwpsr wrote

If only there were like 2-3 more cops around I’m sure it would have stopped it /s


HEIMDVLLR t1_j6kin65 wrote

This was intentional and personal.

Comment posted in the original post confirms this…

> The victim was @ontheblockwithsoho the popular McDonalds axe guy. The driver allegedly intentionally did this to him because he told him he drives like shit.


nonlawyer t1_j6kletf wrote

“popular McDonald’s axe guy” is such a bizarre phrase


oreosfly t1_j6ksy34 wrote

I don't know in what universe do people consider a crazed lunatic who destroys a McDonalds with an axe to be "popular"


Grass8989 t1_j6ktgwo wrote

Maybe “well known” would’ve been a better choice of words.


olli_bombastico t1_j6kv0qc wrote

The word you're looking for is infamous.


iv2892 t1_j6nzvdg wrote

Did McDonalds ever consider using him as their PR guy “We axe our competition and even ourselves “


iv2892 t1_j6l7jxm wrote

Why does he have to be known forever as the McDonald’s Axe guy ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣


werdnak84 t1_j6lf59b wrote

"I'm gonna get back at him for saying that I drive like shit by driving like shit!"


iv2892 t1_j6kzih9 wrote

Can somebody send this to the nyc council and the mayor ?


KoosOomakey t1_j6ogkny wrote

trying and failing to kill a guy known for shrugging off injury and wreaking havoc. a bold move cotton let's see if it pays off


_switch360_ t1_j6lh1iu wrote

Karma is a bitch. He destroyed a McDonalds and now has no bike.


HEIMDVLLR t1_j6nnat7 wrote

Not sure why you’re getting downvoted, according to his IG, he has three open cases.


_switch360_ t1_j6o9eeb wrote

Because we live in a delusional bubble where everyone is a victim. This guy is a bad dude and probably said some crazy stuff to the car’s drivers. The driver was wrong, but karma always wins.


HEIMDVLLR t1_j6oc3hx wrote

Facts. If you scroll through his IG, he has a lot of “bad luck”. Looks like this wasn’t the first time someone hit him on that cargo bike and check this out, this is where he mentions the three open cases against him.


Shame_On_Matt t1_j6ksdat wrote

The cops: what do you want us to do about it?


LaszloBat t1_j6lrije wrote

But is the dog okay?!?!!!


oreosfly t1_j6kifdo wrote

Apparently the biker was the McDonalds axe guy


iv2892 t1_j6kzow2 wrote

Doesn’t make it any better , but is kind of ironic when the crazy attacks another crazy


oreosfly t1_j6lj4jx wrote

The old saying goes - you fight crazy with crazy.

I know more than one person who has fought off a crazy by acting like an even bigger psychopath


Silo-Joe t1_j6mxb9h wrote

That narrows down my suspects to Grimace, Mac Tonight, Mayor McCheese, and the Hamburglar.


_Maxolotl t1_j6ncfug wrote

Interesting, but irrelevant to the crime. Driver had no way of knowing anything about him.


movingtobay2019 t1_j6kipsn wrote

Need to find this fucker and put him in prison.


Da_Baby765 t1_j6ksv53 wrote

This is horrible but why did I have to know that it’s two tons?


Die-Nacht t1_j6ldr4v wrote

Because we're all living in this weird daze, where we seem to just accept massive, heavy things are moving through our streets at high speed, being controlled by humans. And said humans only had to prove they could go around a suburban block, and not hit anything, to get license to drive such things.

When you stop and think about it, it's really a crazy world we live. And it gets even crazier once you realize 2 tons is on the low end nowadays.


mr_jim_lahey t1_j6lfgjq wrote

> Because we're all living in this weird daze

A daze which may, in part, have to do with the emissions from said machines which are known to negatively impact cognitive function in humans :(


Sad-Principle3781 t1_j6ltulo wrote

That's the way it's been for a recent period of time in human development and will probably be the case for the forseeable future. Humans do a lot of insane things.


mrpeeng t1_j6nh060 wrote

That's a bus behind the car. Weren't they outfitted with front cameras last year to catch ppl in the bus lane for ticketing? I'm sure if that bus has one then finding this vehicle should be somewhat easy.


my_metrocard t1_j6m0a37 wrote

Luckily, both the guy and the dog seem okay-ish.


IGOMHN2 t1_j6p0ik9 wrote

Fuck nyc drivers


i4ndy t1_j6ncf13 wrote

In the bus lane!?


Johnnadawearsglasses t1_j6opzsr wrote

This guy sure is on tv a lot. He must be a magnet for publicity.


freemanfromhell t1_j6o2gv7 wrote

Cashless bail.


Souperplex OP t1_j6o73xb wrote

People Assholes that drive in New York are rich enough that cash bail wouldn't affect them.


freemanfromhell t1_j6ojj8i wrote

I am not sure that is the case. There is a huge amount of welfare that goes into NYC. But money or no money. Cashless bail will have everyone out in a few hours


johnsciarrino t1_j6p4ztg wrote

I’m not defending this maniac at all but bikers gotta stop mouthing off and picking fights in the city. I used to be the kind of person who would loudly tell people who were breaking the law or doing stupid shit and over the years my wife has ingrained in me, over and over, the idea that none of this is worth it because you never know who has a gun or a knife or the fragile mental state to do something crazy. As far as I can tell, every person with a car basically has a bike-destroying/life ending weapon and the bikers are all too vocal about their unhappiness when traffic chaos doesn’t go their way, whether the situation can be helped or not.


Nickyluvs2cum t1_j6kddth wrote

Probably on their phone smh…


SolutionRelative4586 t1_j6lq4ju wrote

Nope. Watch the video. The phone might have explained the first charge. The second charge is pretty clearly just rage.