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co_matic t1_j3wiw6x wrote

He's no Trump. The Trump playbook isn't going to work out for him in the end.


nim_opet t1_j3wpjfp wrote

It is. He’ll suffer zero consequences and will stay in the house at least as long as Madison Cawthorn


GoHuskies1984 t1_j3wqkrt wrote

He'll be that weird uncle everyone hates but invites to dinner because he's family.

By "everyone" I mean the GOP.


gearheadsub92 t1_j3yaobn wrote

We shall see. I tend to believe your position is the accurate one, however the Nassau County GOP has already publicly stated on camera (just this morning, I think) that he is not welcome to their gatherings.

What this means remains to be determined, of course.


co_matic t1_j3wqg7d wrote

So one term.


nim_opet t1_j3ws9eg wrote

It only took Ivanka and Jared one term to get $670 million richer….so, plenty


DaoFerret t1_j3wu8ox wrote

Yeah, but we’re talking House, so it’s only 2 years instead of 4. Only 335m, so he’ll be ready for the poor house.


down_up__left_right t1_j3xmaaa wrote

4 years with executive power vs. 2 years in the legislature.

He'll take in lobbyist cash for votes but he won't get close to the haul Ivanka and Jared made off her father's presidency.


nim_opet t1_j3xp52d wrote

I didn’t he’ll seriously walk away with their type of money. He has no nuclear secrets to sell


HEIMDVLLR t1_j3wkgck wrote

Based on a recent post, Santos is a Republican and that’s all that matters to people upset with Democrats.

New Yorkers were really out here voting for Sliwa and Zeldin.


234W44 t1_j3xgofu wrote

You hold democrats to unattainable standards, but will happily vote in for GOPers with the worst ethics in...

I'm not a fan of Mayor Adams. We can do much better in NYC. There are better democrats out there.

But Santos, Silwa, Zeldin... they're all funded by Peter Thiel and associates of Russian oligarchs.


[deleted] t1_j3ya320 wrote

Cause it's different. We have reached a point where the moral barometer for a significant amount of Americans no longer exists.

If this wasn't the case, we would still have Al Franken in office. Or Cuomo. Shit dude not saying it wasn't bad shit they did, but repugs will foam at the mouth to vote in people who are ACTIVE pedophiles and rapists. Tbh, the scariest part of is I think they do it because they see themselves being represented by these individuals.


[deleted] t1_j3yatfy wrote

I promise you it will. You really gotta keep in mind, republicans showed up in droves to vote for child predators, people who threatened their wives with knives and commit domestic assault, and many more horrific things - Republicans not only voted for these people, but they did so KNOWING that these candidates were behaving this way.

I'm willing to bet you could present your average repub with an actual video of a candidate killing a person and raping their dead body, to which they would still vote for them. Why? To own teh libz.


ike_tyson t1_j3wk7me wrote

If his lips move and words come out damn sure it's untrue.


lispenard1676 t1_j40b73c wrote

Question: Are George Santos' lips moving?

If yes, he's lying lies to end all lies.

If no, wait until his lips are moving, then refer back to the "if yes" answer.

(This guy is embarrassing the entire state.)


Infinite_Carpenter t1_j3wnggb wrote

The Republican Party, with its lies and Christian Nationalism, is a fascist party. There has been no accountability for their attempted insurrection and it’s emboldened them to push even further. We need government transparency and justice for their actions if we want a functioning democratic society.


IRequirePants t1_j3wruau wrote

He should know, he wrote a book on ethics.


chengjih t1_j3x1a45 wrote

"When I was born, my mom, who sadly passed from cancer during the 9/11 attacks, named me Aristotle, and I later wrote a book that you might have read in college about ethics. When I emigrated to America, the people at Ellis Island gave me the name 'George' because Aristotle was too hard to pronounce. Since I was travelling alone, they gave me a last name of 'Santos', which means 'Solo' in Chinese, which I speak fluently."


mowotlarx t1_j3wuuyx wrote

Unfortunately I don't see any way he is removed (Congressional Republicans would never). My guess is an indictment and a trial/conviction would be the only thing removing him from office. He's fully invested in the delusion.


Wayyyy_Too_Soon t1_j3xkxg0 wrote

McCarthy also desperately needs every last vote or he loses the speakership.

Even with the 6 present votes for Speaker in the 15th round, his margin is 2 votes. There’s an open house seat in VA that will probably go Dem in the February special election. If Santos is forced to resign and a Dem wins the special election to refill that seat, with 6 present votes, McCarthy’s margin is 215-214.

In that scenario it wouldn’t just take a single member to force a vote to oust him as speaker. At that point it would only take a single member flipping to remove him from the speakership altogether and that includes any of the 6 present votes changing their vote to an actual candidate.


Vortesian t1_j3x3izf wrote

I understand that Brazil is moving forward with a criminal fraud case against him. He could be extradited to face those charges.


MeVersusShark t1_j3x4rft wrote

Extraditing a sitting U.S. House member to Brazil on credit card fraud charges? I'm no expert in our country's extradition agreements with Brazil, but I would be shocked if that happened.


Vortesian t1_j3x8rc8 wrote

Yeah. I’ve never heard of that happening. Seems like he’s probably done some serious shit here.


anonyuser415 t1_j425vdw wrote

> Seems like he’s probably done some serious shit here.

The tacit implication of your comment is that it must be serious shit... if they're considering extradition.

No one has mentioned extradition. Brazil authorities are at a maximum seeking his response to this, not attempting to have him flown to Brazil.

> A spokeswoman for the Rio de Janeiro prosecutor’s office said that with Mr. Santos’s whereabouts identified, a formal request will be made to the U.S. Justice Department to notify him of the charges, a necessary step after which the case will proceed with or without him.


112-411 t1_j3ywa7v wrote

If the pressure and embarrassment were high enough and sustained enough, they would move against him. If


mowotlarx t1_j3z1uj1 wrote

Didn't work with Trump. I think the GOP is immune to embarrassment and shame. They will never ever willingly remove a fellow Republican from the House.


112-411 t1_j3zd646 wrote

Removing any president is a much taller order than removing a freshman congressman who’s a nobody. And Dumb Donald brought at least some political benefits to the weaklings and sycophants who supported him; Mendacious George provides no such benefits to anyone.


pixel_of_moral_decay t1_j402f41 wrote

Even then. There’s no law that actually requires his removal. As long as he’s able to vote they’ll keep him. With expensive lawyers you could delay any trial for years.

Look at Trump. They could outrun the clock for a term if needed. Republicans will have some legal costs, but they’d pay it if that’s what they have to.


iRedditAlreadyyy t1_j3wpqmj wrote

I mean, are we shocked by his answer? Criminals that shot or robbed people have gone on record insisting they didn’t commit a crime.


CactusBoyScout t1_j3x6hw6 wrote

Netflix docuseries on this is going to be amazing. I love a good fraud documentary.

This is like Fyre Fest Goes to Washington.


mowotlarx t1_j3y1jz3 wrote

It'll be a podcast first, with the juiciest interviews from his high school friends and college roommates. Then it'll be a filmed docuseries. And then it'll be a fictionalized true crime drama on AMC or Paramount+ that'll win a few Emmys.


smallint t1_j3zok3l wrote

I think they should make a movie, starring 🤔


TersePterodactyl t1_j3wuy83 wrote

This guy should be in prison. If what he did isn’t illegal it needs to be.


Lost_sidhe t1_j41kqjm wrote

what he did here isn't; but what he did in Brazil sure is - prison in Brazil!


Amon213 t1_j3wmdcu wrote

Another fucking gusano for the repubs. Fuck people like him, Walker, Owen's, et all.


CaptainKoconut t1_j3x4sbz wrote

My conspiracy theory is that he just wanted to pocket the money for his campaign (which he obviously spent on living a lavish lifestyle) and wasn't really interested in winning, I don't think many people thought he had a chance. If he hadn't won, I don't think people would have dug into his history and he could have just kept living the con.


PatrickMaloney1 t1_j4100ni wrote

I don’t think so. He ran for the same seat in 2020 and actually adjusted his campaign strategy after losing. It does look like he was interested in winning imo


OrangeSlimeSoda t1_j3wuaph wrote

Is it a lie if he doesn't know what "unethical" means?


lawdletmein t1_j3x5nc9 wrote

What’s so frustrating is we do need more younger faces in government, but this idiot is not it. The GOP has a serious identity crisis going on and it will only further divide the country unless they have a come to Jesus moment and divert from failed Trump-tactics


burnshimself t1_j3wzspy wrote

This just in: a Liar lies. More at 10.


clorox2 t1_j3x2iy1 wrote

Bwahahahaha… snort chortle. This guy. That’s great.


Throawayhelp420qkrj t1_j3x9o2d wrote

I got banned from nextdoor because I told my neighbor to go fuck off and drive across the states to some backcountry to go touch some actual grass. 🙃 Because she was supporting this right wing white supremacist mother fucker


Sea_Consequence_7699 t1_j3xflji wrote

Accountability. its the only way to stop this dangerous trend of lying brazen bastards running for office. Can't trust the voters, so the law will have to catch up to these folks. Unfortunately the law is very very slow when it comes to the privileged.


Druue t1_j3wzuf6 wrote

Nothing providing you don't count lying, lying, and (you guessed it) lying.


noturbuddyguy101 t1_j3y1pen wrote

This guy has the most punchable face I’ve ever seen.


NuYawker t1_j3yblyi wrote

Well it wasn't unethical. It was unethical-ish.


attackplango t1_j3xardz wrote

Nothing’s unethical if you have no ethics.


Hrekires t1_j3xnsqs wrote

So... where did the money come from that he loaned his campaign?


monkeysandmicrowaves t1_j3xp1jf wrote

This guy's a completely dysfunctional sociopath. He should be heavily medicated and under professional supervision, not taking part in running the country. The whole situation is fucking nuts.


WTC-NWK t1_j3ya8ic wrote

what a fucking loser


iv2892 t1_j3ydsid wrote

Does this guy do anything else other than lying ??


LastValyrian t1_j3zkcz9 wrote

Republicans are domestic terrorists running on nothing but lies and corruption.


Leadhead87 t1_j3zosde wrote

Hear me out. A socialist in wolf's clothing should do this. Run as a white supremacist war mongering austerity asshole, get the reds to vote her/him in...then bam! Student loans forgiven, universal Healthcare enacted, ubi, unhoused get housed, overturn glass seagall...etc. All the good shit.


ctguy54 t1_j3xkzuk wrote

“What I have done is be a model rubelican.”


ECK-2188 t1_j3xve1c wrote


And I’ve never done drugs in my entire life



Bad_Mad_Man t1_j3yph2h wrote

Of course he hasn't. Hard to realize that you've done something unethical when you don't know what the word "ethical" means.


_Maxolotl t1_j3z66lc wrote

Lindsey Graham: "I'm not gay!"

Matt Gaetz: "I have not committed statutory rape!"

Katie Hill: "What orgies?"

Mark Foley: "I resign... (cue incredibly creepy music) Speaker Hastert."


Souperplex t1_j3znld5 wrote

Is he the guard who speaks only lies?


MsVickyMack t1_j408vbj wrote

🤔🤔🤔🤔 Hmmm...... Perhaps he's unaware that lying is immoral and lying to gain employment is unethical if the employment that you seek is within the PUBLIC SERVICE INDUSTRY!!


Kander-Thomas9516 t1_j40srl3 wrote

The poster child for the American voter. They curse his brazen behavior, while failing to see that he is just the mirror reflection of their philosophy of "I stand with my Political party at all cost."


meshreplacer t1_j47ex2w wrote

I hope he does not resign. The entertainment factor will be great for the next 2 years.


spoobles t1_j3xcc55 wrote

He's a Republican. Lying is totally ethical to them


KidAstoria t1_j3xo9h1 wrote

Sounds like a Trump lover.


Leadhead87 t1_j3zobcu wrote

Yall pretending this is the first time a politician has lied. Like you still believe all the other grifters who 'told the truth'?


cty_hntr t1_j42hc1a wrote

Since there are no repercussion, we will have more like him in the future.


Gypsyboy932 t1_j3ytdqk wrote

He never had sex with Monica Lewinski.


[deleted] t1_j3wi16p wrote



newzee1 OP t1_j3wiezl wrote

Part of Santos' district is in Queens, which is also where he (reportedly) lives.


Panelak_Cadillac t1_j3wjqfe wrote

Part of his district contains an active Russian diplomatic residence.


Neckwrecker t1_j3xebum wrote

Not everything is a Russian conspiracy. Some of our politicians just suck.


Ok-Strain-9847 t1_j3x8a1o wrote

He was certainly smart enough to get elected, to get around the system. Kind of says a lot for the guy running against him that never caught it. Then again, maybe the people that voted against the other guy were pretty much fed up with him and would take ANYONE else.

Is he qualified? Probably not, but there are no strict 'Qualifications' for that office anyway, and he couldn't do worse than some of the folks already in office. Hey, AOC was a Bartender for crying out loud. Let the guy serve. If he is a one termer, so be it.


LivefromPhoenix t1_j3xetq4 wrote

>Hey, AOC was a Bartender for crying out loud

You have to be pretty deep on the conservative AOC hate train to think their qualifications are in anyway comparable.


Neckwrecker t1_j3xei6c wrote

>Is he qualified? Probably not, but there are no strict 'Qualifications' for that office anyway, and he couldn't do worse than some of the folks already in office. Hey, AOC was a Bartender for crying out loud. Let the guy serve. If he is a one termer, so be it.

Being a shameless liar is (morally) disqualifying, holding a working class job is not.