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Silvery_Silence t1_j656mst wrote

In other news, water is wet. He also won’t resign because there is zero chance this fraudster with a line of debt trailing behind him gives up the cushy government salary.


Luke90210 t1_j65lji2 wrote

George Santos has nowhere to go if he resigns. He might have to to avoid prison time. He has no job, no money of his own, no college degree, a laughable reputation, the threat of lawsuits over his head, no family money and needs money for lawyers. Santos could be homeless and broke within a year if he resigns.


z0rb0r t1_j6alvie wrote

George "Little Finger" Santos?


mission17 t1_j65jjqo wrote

Let’s not forget the GOP and House Speaker McCarthy, who have not only opted not to eject Santos from Congress, but have also sat him on committees.


san_serifs t1_j65xgva wrote

Santos is a puppet. He will vote how they order him to.


GoodLifeWorkHard t1_j65nlh0 wrote

I think this dude is a sociopath or a pathological liar . How do you even have a huge ego when you have not accomplished any meaningful work? How does one live with the fact that they are publicly exposed as a fraud ? Millions of people (esp in the US) know about this since it’s all over the news. How can any future employer desire to hire this dude knowing he publicly admitted to lying on TV?


windupshoe2020 t1_j6d6t1p wrote

He believes himself to be highly capable of doing meaningful things.


ilikedthismovie t1_j66fjz8 wrote

Fingers crossed he gets indicted right before the 2024 election. Yes, the fact he is a sitting congressman is a joke and mockery of the American political system but I think that ship sailed in 2016. If Republicans don't want to own his embarrassment now hopefully it can bite them in the ass when it matters in 2024. Realistically if he stepped down now a dem would win the special election and it'd pickup a seat but the Republicans would still control the house and nothing will be done for the next 2 years.


Luke90210 t1_j66hmb0 wrote

The Congressional Ethics Committee is evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats. Some Republicans in Congress have publicly called for Santos to resign. There is a solid chance the majority could recommend his expulsion. However, House Speaker McCarthy is such a spineless worm maybe no further action will be made. Whats more likely is Santos resigns when faced with prison for illegal campaign disclosures.


ilikedthismovie t1_j66i3py wrote

Being in congress is probably his greatest shield against indictment. If Republicans in the House and donors won't lean on him to resign he wont resign when charges seem imminent. I think he plays this out until his term is up in 2024 or he gets the cuffs slapped on him.


Luke90210 t1_j66j4vi wrote

If you were in his lying shoes and offered a plea deal to stay out of prison and resign, what would you choose? Its not like anyone is offering him a pundit job after this. I don't think Uber would give him a chance.


ilikedthismovie t1_j66scg3 wrote

I don't think the entities prosecuting him are going to take "step down and out of the spotlight and this goes away".


Luke90210 t1_j67kj5l wrote

Prosecutors offer deals for a sure win over a possible loss all the time.