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talldrseuss t1_j5yynoe wrote

You don't speak for all legal immigrants, bud. My family and I are legal immigrants (now citizens) that came back in the 80s. I remember the complete chaos and poverty from the country we left. Fortunately my father had a high demand Job the US was looking for at the time so we were able to get sponsorship, and jsut like you, it took years to come into fruition.

But i'm human enough to understand if my family is dealing with a shit environment, food insecurity, gangs running around, corrupt government that has no problem if you disappear, I would do anything to get my loved ones out of there. So no, not all legal immigrants look at undocumented individuals with disdain.


AcrossAmerica t1_j63jtet wrote

You can also be against illegal immigration but not see them with distain.

How many people are now crossing the border every year? 2+ million? How is that sustainable for a country?