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bilrost t1_j64kc0w wrote

Adams should feel honored about the opportunity to work with astronaut doctor holocaust and 9/11 survivor Rep. Santos.


OrangeSlimeSoda t1_j65owg1 wrote

Can you believe that George Santos invented the jet engine and won a gold medal in gymnastics representing Madagascar at the 1992 Olympics? Apparently his ferocity and athletic grace were the inspiration for the lion Alex in the movie Madagascar.


Flivver_King t1_j6ayae1 wrote

He was also a space shuttle door gunner present at the Battle of Olympus Mons.


mission17 t1_j64syfo wrote

Which lie broke the camel’s back here?


UbiSububi8 t1_j64sdcb wrote

Okay, Eric… then why announce you’ll work with him in the first place? And why flip-flop now?


OldKingRob t1_j671vhs wrote

He’s upset that Santos is getting all the attention


RustyOP t1_j651jxs wrote

Both Personas are still Bad , only living for themselves , our Mayor is so fake.. its an embarrassment to our NYC


DemandCereal t1_j6719de wrote

Only allowed to lie if you’ve got enough swag


bklynzboy t1_j6622rx wrote

Time for both of these liars to leave


FarmSuch5021 t1_j655ly4 wrote

He should’ve resigned long time ago


Drag0nus1 t1_j66bcq9 wrote

He's just saying that so he can visit Santos in DC for more Instagram material....this guy doesn't miss a photo op...I just want him in an office WORKING!


Spring-Available t1_j66gw5w wrote

He’s probably just mad that he’s been pushed out of the headlines


mathfacts t1_j65ogaq wrote

I swear Mayor Adams is so random sometimes


_Maxolotl t1_j68rt2t wrote

George Santos won't leave until a reporter asks him the magic question:

"Are you actually Sacha Baron Cohen in disguise?"

At which point, Cohen will say yes, and peel off his mask, Scooby Doo style.


Elevate247 t1_j69160v wrote

Waiting for the documentary on this krank to come out


tmm224 t1_j678tn7 wrote

In all seriousness, what will it take to remove Santos? I googled and basically came back that Hochul could remove him, but wasn't sure if that was correct