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spicytoastaficionado t1_j4421q3 wrote

He later clarified on Steve Bannon's show (because of course....) that he would resign if every single person who voted for him renounced their support; not 142,000 people in general.

LOL dude is just trolling now, but he has way bigger issues on the horizon than resignation.


soontwobee t1_j447xnx wrote

>LOL dude is just trolling now, but he has way bigger issues on the horizon than resignation.

True, his career as an astronaut is heating up, plus his three part script for HBO based on his best selling young adult series that's v big in Zimbabwe is due soon. It's tough given how he moonlights as a super hero on nights. What a brave man.


bat_in_the_stacks t1_j44nnfg wrote

You're joking about him being a super hero, but all I can think of when I look at him is his Clark Kent glasses. I feel like it's intentional and another level of the prank he's playing.


nonlawyer t1_j44ckq3 wrote

> he has way bigger issues on the horizon than resignation

Yeah… a year is about a reasonable estimate for a somewhat complex investigation into his finances. If the stars align we could be looking at a perp walk on corruption/financial crimes at just about the time the 2024 cycle is heating up.

Hence the local GOP wanting him out ASAP.


IIAOPSW t1_j45w2ap wrote

Sonofabitch even lied about resigning if 142k people told him to.


El_Gato t1_j45zssh wrote

Yep, he's gotta cause as much chaos as possible to get that sweet sweet Nexfix $$ for his biopic. I wonder if they can get Jonah Hill to play him ?


Steev182 t1_j463cln wrote

Nooo. It needs to be the fella that plays Gizmo in What We Do In The Shadows.


Yetimang t1_j46l1dz wrote

Oh man that's a good choice. Would love to see how Harvey Guillen does in a role with a little more edge like that.


RChickenMan t1_j460gmn wrote

This is still achievable, given that voting is a secret ballot. There's no way of telling if the 142,000 people telling him to resign did indeed vote for him--in practice it would just have to be 142,000 registered voters from his district, which is achievable (if, for example, the Nassau County GOP called his bluff and organized an "official" "election"/pull).

But that's beside the point--even if that happened, he still wouldn't resign.


hellothere42069 t1_j46mbyl wrote

Did you hear the actual clip? He says 142 people so before even clarifying your thing he had to clarify 142,000 not 142.


flimspringfield t1_j48hrft wrote

Isn't that the amount of people that are supposed to go to heaven with the rapture?


fieryscribe t1_j43qaom wrote

What a coincidence. I just changed my name to 142,000 People


AbazabaYouMyOnlyFren t1_j44hgj2 wrote

How about if you have 142,000 aliases?

It's about as honest as this POS has been.


ItsGeorgeCantstandya t1_j44y9i9 wrote

Fucksantos Smith? Is Fucksantos Smith here?


Fucksantos Johnson? Fucksantos Johnson?


Fucksantos Rodriguez?



Spare-Potential-8447 t1_j43ttog wrote

"We never had this much chaos when i was Speaker of the House"

-George Santos


compellor t1_j43q0db wrote

Did you know that George Santos won the Boston marathon 4 times?


falingodingo t1_j43tzks wrote

In the same year.


Littlepip2277 t1_j440hsc wrote

On the same day!


ihlaking t1_j44j3mr wrote



readit88 t1_j44o4li wrote

Don’t joke about this, his parents died in the Boston Marathon bombing.


tiptoemicrobe t1_j451mmn wrote

Well, they would have if he didn't pick them both up and carry them on his back on the way to the finish.


ICantThinkOfANameBud t1_j46cyjv wrote

Before he single-handedly caught the two brothers who did it. He then went to Colorado and captured the Batman shooter.


tranoidnoki t1_j46cjuh wrote

Wow way to minimize the tragedy they died at the Bowling Green Massacre


argusromblei t1_j45e8zd wrote

I hear he got par 18 on an 18 hole course, a perfect hole in one on every hole.


bridge_girl t1_j46b0yj wrote

Please show some respect. This is the George Santos. The man who lost 8,000 employees to Alaric during the Sack of Rome, discovered the laws of electromagnetism, and saved mankind from the Mayan apocalypse of 2012. You should be thanking him.


JanMath t1_j456ebp wrote

George Santos ran to the moon and back!


wantmywings t1_j446p2g wrote

This is outrageous. How does this guy have no shame?


joyousRock t1_j44phg1 wrote

We live in a society that rewards shamelessness


burnshimself t1_j45cxl5 wrote

Learned it from Trump. Brazenly lie and be completely unremorseful and you get away with it.


selflessGene t1_j44okcp wrote

Shame is irrelevant. You need laws that are actually enforced.


iamiamwhoami t1_j4507ny wrote

He hasn't broken any US laws. At least not to public knowledge.


tiptoemicrobe t1_j4522fa wrote

I'm kind of surprised that this doesn't count as fraud or something similar. Americans spent their limited resources (votes, time, campaign donations) on a service that was explicitly advertised with lies.

It's like trying to buy a car that was advertised as a brand new jeep, and instead you get the tailpipe of a jeep that exploded in WW2.


antonivs t1_j45u0dn wrote

We need a lemon law for politicians.


iamiamwhoami t1_j46zkbd wrote

Sure that would be great, but I'm not sure how something like that could be enforced without it also applying to much smaller offenses. For example if a candidate said they had a 4 year degree but really only had a 2 year degree + 1.5 years of credits towards the 4 year degree. Would the same penalties apply to them? Seems like they would b/c they said something that's not true. From a legal perspective how would you distinguish between them and someone like Santos? Then there's also the inevitable 1st amendment case this law would lead to.


AdvertisingNo8736 t1_j44aam5 wrote

How bad was the incumbent Zimmerman if this asshole can win?


TetraCubane t1_j44brqa wrote

Zimmerman wasn’t incumbent.

Suozzi decided not to run again so it was open for both parties.


carpy22 t1_j456lfa wrote

It was an open seat because Suozzi wanted to primary Hochul and one of the fundamentals of election law is that you can only run for one seat at a time. He ended up finishing behind Jumaane Williams. Couldn't even get 100K votes even with his name recognition in Nassau.


bonyponyride t1_j43vtp6 wrote

^* it has to be the same 142,000 people who voted for him to be their representative.


Flivver_King t1_j44y03k wrote

legally changes name to “The Same 142,000 People that voted for George Santos”


CJIA t1_j44il62 wrote

they need jon lovitz to play him on SNL


curtis890 t1_j47haxn wrote

I would say Jon Lovitz from 1993, but oddly enough I think 2023 Jon Lovitz could also pull it off.


cassieee t1_j44k2hq wrote

As his constituent I’ve decided that every day I will be messaging him through his website requesting his resignation.


ForeignWin9265 t1_j44kwxy wrote

Did you know the Statue of Liberty was a gift from George Santos to the United States of America?; he also build the hoover dam by himself.


3Dingo t1_j43uw6u wrote

Sounds like a lie to me.


abcmozart t1_j446l2o wrote

Hold up! That was George Santos in the 1968 Mexico City Olympics that did the Black Power raised fist salute? A recent unearthed bio says so. Wow


dmode123 t1_j44ii0z wrote

I hope he doesn't resign. Then this can be the poster boy for Republicans and help Dem win back the Congressional seats lost.


ab216 t1_j453xgi wrote

Why do people believe this after the Trump presidency???


GettingPhysicl t1_j468j26 wrote

We did win the house every time he was president or on the ballot lol


Show-Me-Your-Moves t1_j46hii8 wrote

Trump won because of fortuitously-located rural voters scattered across the Midwest.

In NY, Republicans are trying to hold a bunch of House seats in like, D+3 suburban districts. Trump is not the best comparison.


AllCommiesRFascists t1_j45abuh wrote

I hope he becomes an utter troll in the House. Apparently McCarthy can be removed from Speaker by 1 republican vote. Do the funni Santos


rootokay t1_j45vyq1 wrote

He probably made an agreement to vote with the house in return for any investigation into him to be obstructed or delayed indefinitely.


dmancrn t1_j44eobq wrote

What a psycho


Army_of_blood t1_j44rfat wrote

I love how some GOP people are giving Santos a pass by saying “everyone here embellishes their record to get to congress.” That makes it okay? Lol. And it’s not like Biden or AOC who bent the truth, this guy lied about literally every material fact of his life, from heritage to religion to education to work history to etc.


Tyzed t1_j44ellw wrote

will he still resign if 142,001 people ask him to? like does he require that exactly 142,000 people ask him to resign


kimbolll t1_j44s368 wrote

It has to be exactly 142,000 and three fifths people.


Arudeawakenin t1_j44k8ak wrote

That's an easy number if someone starts a petition


bklynzboy t1_j4451ny wrote

So where's the petition???


werdnak84 t1_j44brmb wrote

Right! Let a leader listen and obey the orders of the people. Didn't it work for Elon Musk!?!?!?


cre444pr t1_j44m9az wrote

Wait a this just another lie?


2heads1shaft t1_j45399u wrote

Even his hair is a fraud. Anyone else notice it’s literally the Donald Trump combover?


Yodan t1_j45v6yk wrote

This motherfucker says a lot of shit


bernardobrito t1_j44pwih wrote

What's with the sweaters?


Atroxa t1_j45xfsp wrote

I want to know what's with the ugly blue blazer he wears over the sweaters.


bernardobrito t1_j47ansd wrote

You're required to wear a blazer on the congressional floor.

I think this is one of those blazers like they loan you at the country club when you walk in the dining room 😂😂


Atroxa t1_j4825dy wrote

I mean, that's what it looks like to me as well.


Insomniac_80 t1_j448chz wrote

Is he going to resign? Or will he try to have all of the 142,000 who told him to resign killed?


TwoCats_OneMan t1_j44pai9 wrote

He's speaking figuratively about the next election in two years.


SkygodAlien t1_j457g57 wrote

That’s not really what he said but ok. Sign a petition. Won’t make a difference.


BF1shY t1_j468u17 wrote


Dude just wants attention, classic pathological liar.


auntlynnie t1_j46c9ka wrote

McCarthy is a joke. "I try to stick by the Constitution. The voters elected him to serve," McCarthy said this week.

The voters didn't elect HIM. They elected a character he invented.


poopmast t1_j46eurh wrote

lmao watch 142,001 people sign the petition and he'll be oh it was not 142,000 people.


Da_Arkitekt t1_j44matx wrote

I mean... He says a lot of things.


Zay93 t1_j44qbpf wrote



NiemandDaar t1_j45bbq8 wrote

He’s just waiting for an offer from Fox to host a show…


Lawsuitup t1_j45uw7e wrote

It’s funny how McCarthy and Crew say that the people decided and it should be up to them and it doesn’t matter what’s in the press. What happened when members of the GOP decided they didn’t care what the will of the people was when they tried to carry out a coup d’etas and reject the lawfully elected President of the United States?


aaronwe t1_j461pam wrote

What if I just ask him 142 000 times


Robert__O t1_j465p6j wrote

Someone start the petition and go fund me for the Russian bot nets to do the work for us. F##k this guy…


jeffsayno t1_j467t4r wrote

he won by 21,000 votes, so how about 22,000?


BlueLeader87 t1_j468vcg wrote

Oye, pero que hijueputa criminal. Este si tiene unos cojones, pero BIEN apretáo. 🤣🤣🤣💀


hellothere42069 t1_j46m6ts wrote

I heard what he said. He said 142 people; the elevator didn’t cut him off, he was done talking.


nybx4life t1_j46oopi wrote

Unlikely, but the petition may as well be signed.


grandlewis t1_j47giet wrote

Jokes on him. 122,000 people that voted for his opponent already don’t want him.


fuhgdat1019 t1_j4533st wrote

I had no idea the Johnny Depp trial was still going on


Kander-Thomas9516 t1_j43ytea wrote

Easy enough, print up the petition and go door to door. If he still refuses to leave, sue him for breach of promise. Let's see how long he stays once he realizes his entire salary (plus for punitive damages) will be going back to the voters.


TonyzTone t1_j448qhw wrote

>breach of promise.

That's not a thing.


nonlawyer t1_j44bqys wrote

It’s amazing how comfortable people are just taking the wildest guesses about legal stuff


Kristieb714 t1_j44tjts wrote

“Breach of promise is a thing” -George Santos


Kander-Thomas9516 t1_j44d2gg wrote

He made a statement saying he'd resign, I would think they'd have enough sense to get it in writing.


AbazabaYouMyOnlyFren t1_j44hrqx wrote

If that were a thing we wouldn't be talking about this.


Kander-Thomas9516 t1_j44jbwc wrote

You know this started out as a laugh, a joking way to deal with a situation. Next thing I know George Santos has his legal team challenging me on the law. 🤪


AbazabaYouMyOnlyFren t1_j454nfq wrote

If that was a joke, you have no sense of humor.


Kander-Thomas9516 t1_j45x5j1 wrote

Why are you making this about me, when George Santos is the joke? Far too many skulking around looking to criticize others, only because they have no original thoughts of their own.


AbazabaYouMyOnlyFren t1_j45zm0n wrote

I responded to your claim that breach of promise is something that you could sue a congressman over.

That's not an "original thought" to say uniformed and ignorant things. It's only funny if it's actually funny.