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spicytoastaficionado t1_j4421q3 wrote

He later clarified on Steve Bannon's show (because of course....) that he would resign if every single person who voted for him renounced their support; not 142,000 people in general.

LOL dude is just trolling now, but he has way bigger issues on the horizon than resignation.


soontwobee t1_j447xnx wrote

>LOL dude is just trolling now, but he has way bigger issues on the horizon than resignation.

True, his career as an astronaut is heating up, plus his three part script for HBO based on his best selling young adult series that's v big in Zimbabwe is due soon. It's tough given how he moonlights as a super hero on nights. What a brave man.


bat_in_the_stacks t1_j44nnfg wrote

You're joking about him being a super hero, but all I can think of when I look at him is his Clark Kent glasses. I feel like it's intentional and another level of the prank he's playing.


nonlawyer t1_j44ckq3 wrote

> he has way bigger issues on the horizon than resignation

Yeah… a year is about a reasonable estimate for a somewhat complex investigation into his finances. If the stars align we could be looking at a perp walk on corruption/financial crimes at just about the time the 2024 cycle is heating up.

Hence the local GOP wanting him out ASAP.


IIAOPSW t1_j45w2ap wrote

Sonofabitch even lied about resigning if 142k people told him to.


El_Gato t1_j45zssh wrote

Yep, he's gotta cause as much chaos as possible to get that sweet sweet Nexfix $$ for his biopic. I wonder if they can get Jonah Hill to play him ?


Steev182 t1_j463cln wrote

Nooo. It needs to be the fella that plays Gizmo in What We Do In The Shadows.


Yetimang t1_j46l1dz wrote

Oh man that's a good choice. Would love to see how Harvey Guillen does in a role with a little more edge like that.


RChickenMan t1_j460gmn wrote

This is still achievable, given that voting is a secret ballot. There's no way of telling if the 142,000 people telling him to resign did indeed vote for him--in practice it would just have to be 142,000 registered voters from his district, which is achievable (if, for example, the Nassau County GOP called his bluff and organized an "official" "election"/pull).

But that's beside the point--even if that happened, he still wouldn't resign.


hellothere42069 t1_j46mbyl wrote

Did you hear the actual clip? He says 142 people so before even clarifying your thing he had to clarify 142,000 not 142.


flimspringfield t1_j48hrft wrote

Isn't that the amount of people that are supposed to go to heaven with the rapture?