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wantmywings t1_j446p2g wrote

This is outrageous. How does this guy have no shame?


joyousRock t1_j44phg1 wrote

We live in a society that rewards shamelessness


burnshimself t1_j45cxl5 wrote

Learned it from Trump. Brazenly lie and be completely unremorseful and you get away with it.


selflessGene t1_j44okcp wrote

Shame is irrelevant. You need laws that are actually enforced.


iamiamwhoami t1_j4507ny wrote

He hasn't broken any US laws. At least not to public knowledge.


tiptoemicrobe t1_j4522fa wrote

I'm kind of surprised that this doesn't count as fraud or something similar. Americans spent their limited resources (votes, time, campaign donations) on a service that was explicitly advertised with lies.

It's like trying to buy a car that was advertised as a brand new jeep, and instead you get the tailpipe of a jeep that exploded in WW2.


antonivs t1_j45u0dn wrote

We need a lemon law for politicians.


iamiamwhoami t1_j46zkbd wrote

Sure that would be great, but I'm not sure how something like that could be enforced without it also applying to much smaller offenses. For example if a candidate said they had a 4 year degree but really only had a 2 year degree + 1.5 years of credits towards the 4 year degree. Would the same penalties apply to them? Seems like they would b/c they said something that's not true. From a legal perspective how would you distinguish between them and someone like Santos? Then there's also the inevitable 1st amendment case this law would lead to.


AdvertisingNo8736 t1_j44aam5 wrote

How bad was the incumbent Zimmerman if this asshole can win?


TetraCubane t1_j44brqa wrote

Zimmerman wasn’t incumbent.

Suozzi decided not to run again so it was open for both parties.


carpy22 t1_j456lfa wrote

It was an open seat because Suozzi wanted to primary Hochul and one of the fundamentals of election law is that you can only run for one seat at a time. He ended up finishing behind Jumaane Williams. Couldn't even get 100K votes even with his name recognition in Nassau.