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selflessGene t1_j44okcp wrote

Shame is irrelevant. You need laws that are actually enforced.


iamiamwhoami t1_j4507ny wrote

He hasn't broken any US laws. At least not to public knowledge.


tiptoemicrobe t1_j4522fa wrote

I'm kind of surprised that this doesn't count as fraud or something similar. Americans spent their limited resources (votes, time, campaign donations) on a service that was explicitly advertised with lies.

It's like trying to buy a car that was advertised as a brand new jeep, and instead you get the tailpipe of a jeep that exploded in WW2.


antonivs t1_j45u0dn wrote

We need a lemon law for politicians.


iamiamwhoami t1_j46zkbd wrote

Sure that would be great, but I'm not sure how something like that could be enforced without it also applying to much smaller offenses. For example if a candidate said they had a 4 year degree but really only had a 2 year degree + 1.5 years of credits towards the 4 year degree. Would the same penalties apply to them? Seems like they would b/c they said something that's not true. From a legal perspective how would you distinguish between them and someone like Santos? Then there's also the inevitable 1st amendment case this law would lead to.