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EagleFly_5 t1_j6ebmrr wrote

I don’t really take the bus often in NYC, but admittedly I forgot this was a feature, and only used this twice, even though nowadays prevalent 5G is reliable & fast anyways.

Still, it would be nice in the late 2020s/2030s to have (underground) subway WiFi/cell phone service coverage. Not only could it be useful in an emergency situation (or for individual needs), but you might never know in a time like this.


CrashTestDumby1984 t1_j6fs1nn wrote

I’m still pissed that when cell phones were first starting to be a thing, phone companies wanted to put receivers in the subway but the MTA said no because it would be “disruptive” to have people taking on their phones (as if there aren’t 15 other things far more disruptive and obnoxious)