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clorox2 t1_j5s6air wrote

The temperature is too high.


CaptAshley t1_j5s776i wrote

That and the rent..


jonnycash11 t1_j5s881n wrote

And the NYPD


ThatGuyPhD902 t1_j5s9ylz wrote

And the stoners


wonkiealf t1_j5sawq7 wrote

Though I did read Stoner by John Williams (not the Star Wars composer) this winter.


siberiandilemma t1_j5tpuay wrote

Great little novel. Would like to revisit it sometime but there are just too many books...


squall571 t1_j5s2aoq wrote

No snow but it always seems to be raining or overcast


anObscurity t1_j5tqtdw wrote

It's been too Seattle-y over here this season. I tried to get away from that shit


protonmail_throwaway t1_j5uc1oi wrote

Well you moved to the wrong place.


anObscurity t1_j5uc6uk wrote

I can take freezing and sunny. Last few years have been that way. This winter is remarkably gloomy and wet and warm for winter


nate11one t1_j5tyfb2 wrote

This weather is KILLING me. Anytime there's even a tiny bit of sun now I get so energized it's like someone spiked my coffee with molly.


analog_x700 t1_j5u0r98 wrote

That was yesterday for me. It was one of the most energized days I’ve had in a while.

This overcast weather is awful. Why are there more clouds in the winter anyways?


fanatical t1_j5v91sd wrote

Heyooo. Great question, albeit basic. It’s due to the temperature over time.

As I’m sure you know, winter is winter and colder, because due to the earths orbit and tilt, we are further away from the sun, and we get less sunlight in a rotation than we would get in summer.

Clouds are water vapor and in summer, a warm ground will cause water to evaporate and show up as nice puffy clouds in the sky and then perhaps dissipate all together. In periods with colder temperatures, the reverse actually happens. The ground itself is cold and wet, and the air is more stable and the ironically warmer air higher up will be stable to where clouds form that are huge and flat, squeezed between these layers. They also last a lot longer since no sharp heat from the sun hits it.

In fact, since they become big and flat, even less sunlight gets in and so they make this layer that keeps all that “dew point” water vapor to stay locked in. Result, we get more rain. If it was colder it would just freeze and come down as snow, but since this has been a mild winter this year, all we’re getting is rain since it doesn’t freeze properly.

Does that make sense? Hope I helped out and didn’t make it sound even more confusing.


TheNormalAlternative t1_j5s2bpn wrote

ANOTHER one of these articles? This is like the 3rd or 4th in 2 weeks.

Tl;dr an extended la niña pattern, and a jet stream which has kept the arctic air north of the border while allowing gulf moisture to dominate the east.

Just wait until next weekend. tomorrow (today)


seafoodgodddd t1_j5sg51v wrote

For real, its gonna snow like a bitch on the 3-6th afaik.


Maria-Stryker t1_j5sgcd8 wrote

I just want a couple of inches over a weekend to play with the kids in the family…


yasth t1_j5td7vy wrote

I know, I read books like Snowy Day to my kids and feel like I am describing a unicorn.


ctindel t1_j5up8jv wrote

Just go upstate. Literally no benefit to having snow in a crowded urban environment, all it does is fuck things up the day off, and cause a mess potentially for weeks after.


Highplowp t1_j5syo2x wrote

Seconded, some weekend sledding for the kids (and me)


seafoodgodddd t1_j5sgfu3 wrote

You should have it next weekend then! I have to come back down to florida and come back to the city on thursday next week and it was saying 1-4 inches accumulated


Imhappy_hopeurhappy2 t1_j5sho2o wrote

You’re way too sure about a forecast for two weeks from now. It’s basically meaningless.


seafoodgodddd t1_j5shu6m wrote

That's why im bringing my winter clothes back with me, I dont trust it


iv2892 t1_j5tnm70 wrote

I checked the forecast and it looks like it will be a snowy february. Not sure how much , but is gonna be at least 1-3 inches which given this slow winter it will feel like a lot


iv2892 t1_j5uqeck wrote

Well , is snowing now here just like a few miles west of Manhattan . But nothing is accumulating and it will change to rain


EasyE0287 t1_j5uew7t wrote

And the Tonga volcanic eruption last year that pushed an outsized volume of water vapor in the atmosphere. Its having a gentle warming impact, and is not expected to fully dissipate until after next winter (2023-2024).


anthonymm511 t1_j5yagkn wrote

Lol it didn’t snow today


TheNormalAlternative t1_j5yubmg wrote

When yesterday's precipitation began, it started as snow and it was snowing for a solid hour or longer before it changed over to rain


smg28 t1_j5s2pvx wrote

Snow sucks in the city. Looks pretty at first but turns disgusting in a matter of minutes


Specialist_March761 t1_j5wn56z wrote

especially when it turn into black ice. That shit be having you creeping while walking.


King9WillReturn t1_j5tv6mj wrote

You do realize the City is disgusting every day? It doesn't suddenly get disgusting because there is snow on the ground.


Charming_Mirror_7391 t1_j5tykop wrote

You do realize that it can be extra disgusting?


King9WillReturn t1_j5u2wxk wrote

No, it's a visual bias.


chill1217 t1_j5uai19 wrote

how is it a visual bias?

normally when i walk my dog and wipe their feet, black stuff comes off. after it rains and i wipe my dog's feet, it's pretty clean.

similarly with snow, my shoes and pants get splattered in spots from the dirty snow's dried mud.


King9WillReturn t1_j5uc074 wrote

Because there is no sudden variable that makes the city coincidentally dirtier on a (random) snow day than any other day of the year. You're only seeing the dirt accumulate suddenly and visually in the snow. A visual bias.

You would need to show data that there is an external variable at play on that specific day. E.G. Rise of traffic. Factories pumping out more soot. Then you would have to show why it coincidentally only happened on snow days and why. Also, what happens if it doesn't snow on these days that you showed the variables to be planned to release more dirt and pollution. A near impossible task.


chill1217 t1_j5ue1ts wrote

> You're only seeing the dirt accumulate suddenly and visually in the snow.

doesn't dirt accumulating in the snow make it extra dirty? just like when it rains, the dirt is washed away so it's cleaner


kenwanepento t1_j5te0o1 wrote

Snow could hurt the rats which would be bad for tourism


salvaCool t1_j5uv0jt wrote

I moved to NYC specifically for the rats. We have the best rats in the world


TetraCubane t1_j5skabu wrote

La Nina weather pattern is part of it.


anthonymm511 t1_j5yamjh wrote

Last year was a La Niña and it was significantly colder


FuriousCamel t1_j5uww1c wrote

Boy do I have news for you ..


TheRedBat73 t1_j5vm23d wrote

It didn’t really snow that much though. There wasn’t even 0.1” inch of snow


Jimmy_kong253 t1_j5stiao wrote

I'm fine with no snow I hate shoveling


OkBottle2000 t1_j5tjdmm wrote

I swear every time we have a snow drought, people just like to conveniently forget how much snow we got in recent past years (winter 2020)


iv2892 t1_j5uqik5 wrote

Snowing right now here few minutes away from Manhattan


GlamSunCrybabyMoon t1_j5thvq3 wrote

I’m not complaining. People drive like idiots in the snow and I am not excited to shovel my car out of a parking spot just for someone to take it.


candidshark t1_j5tjlxx wrote

Plus the ice all over the sidewalks in the later days as it starts melting and freezing, and having to dodge all of the dog poop around that.


GlamSunCrybabyMoon t1_j5tjtry wrote

The dog poop and pee is the worst part. There’s so much to dodge on a normal day. It’s harder to dodge when you can’t see it or it’s hidden under slush. A real nasty time.


rouselle t1_j5un3h2 wrote

It is snowing in NYC as I’m typing this


Dont-ask-me-sht t1_j5vll84 wrote

Not me reading this after being outside and it was sleeting 😮‍💨


susliks t1_j5sfjrg wrote

Global warming strikes again


Floppafan420 t1_j5t38mi wrote

Thank climate change for that warming the earth disrupts weather patterns.


Any_Foundation_9034 t1_j5u93uq wrote

Ok. So the last time we had high temps like this it was in the 50’s

Climate is cyclical.

Stop with the global warming Bs.


_allycat t1_j5udijr wrote

I feel like the entire greater NYC area doesn't get snow anymore and has been this way for many years. Like maybe a couple inches of snow in the evening once a year that everyone freaks out over.


chug84 t1_j5wwu3n wrote

Were you in a coma last winter or something?


BorEqua t1_j5ywedf wrote

I remember NYC getting so much more snow when I was a kid. Maybe Al Gore was onto something, yeah?


sewkzz t1_j5w86le wrote

Abrupt climate change is a bitch


iv2892 t1_j5tm23j wrote

It has snowed , just not measurable snow on Central Park though . But technically speaking it was snowing about a few days ago (just flurries though ) and some boroughs and nearby towns got around an inch of snow last December . But is abnormally low regardless


iv2892 t1_j5tneup wrote

Looking at the radar it looks like a lot of snow coming just west of the area , but models say i will switch to rain later in the afternoon


Wintermute7 t1_j5u99hz wrote

Because there are too many gas stoves /s


SolitaryMarmot t1_j5udu4c wrote

just to frustrate all the insufferables who want to go on and on about the Blizzard of '96.


Corazon-DeLeon t1_j5vo5d6 wrote

We actually had two random days of light snow last month. Flurries about a week ago. I’ve gotten used to Feb. being the snow month 😪 terrible commutes. It’s still odd and concerning nonetheless.


dekalbavenue t1_j5wt75i wrote

I love the mild winters. No snow for me thanks.


robbadobba t1_j5zdbsv wrote

Same. I’ll be fine if I never see snow or slip on ice again.


anthonymm511 t1_j5yb7au wrote

Because this is tied to be the warmest January in history in the city


NYCB1RDY t1_j5yejzx wrote

I'm waiting for snow to buy a toy, an electric snow blower...a reason my wife would allow me to do it😮‍💨 Come on snow!


PBM1337 t1_j5yqlj8 wrote

Y’all really wanna see yellow snow?


werdnak84 t1_j600mgb wrote

Climate change making everything in the world dryer so there's less moisture in the air, a jet stream keeping the cold air to the north, and La Nina preventing everything from getting cold.


attackplango t1_j5tz378 wrote

I dunno, I saw little wispy flakes for up to 10 minutes in downtown on Monday.


Abeg1985 t1_j5yapiu wrote

Even the snow got the he’ll out of New York and went to Florida


ICantThinkOfANameBud t1_j5tmp2f wrote

It's going to snow today, just wont stick as far as I know. It snowed a few days ago too.


froggythefish t1_j5smp31 wrote

It’s weird, how I’ve never heard the term “la nina” before people started using it as an excuse to try and dodge the fact the climate is totally fucked.

“It’s the la nina weather, guys! I promise bro! It’ll snow next month, just trust me bro! I swear, please bro, it’s the la nina weather”

Where was this “la nina” when buffalo got buried. All your scientific graphs and charts and radar readings are great and all, but this isn’t normal, nor is it natural. It felt like summer until a few weeks ago, it’s starting to almost feel like fall. Your children wont get to be knee deep in snow, ever, except for when they’re neck deep in it.


RyzinEnagy t1_j5t6app wrote

Lol, it's not an "excuse", it has been a documented pattern for decades (along with it's counterpart El Niño). That same storm that buried Buffalo gave us rain. It's a similar pattern right now. We may be in the same state but we're in very different climate zones.

Everyone here agrees with climate change, even the ones you're trying and failing to make fun of. Pick up a book next time.


iv2892 t1_j5tlusm wrote

Buffalo always gets more snow because of the lake effect


RyzinEnagy t1_j5u1j4i wrote

That too, but this particular storm went up through the middle of NY itself so they were on the cold side and we were on the warmer side. If the storm was further east it would have been us with a classic nor'easter.


TheNormalAlternative t1_j5tyt9a wrote

La niña and El niño exist, and that fact is not incompatible with climate change.

They are just names provided to describe where the dominating high pressure system is located over the Pacific - closer to the Equator or further north. The pacific high pressure system plays a significant impact on the jet stream, and is the primary indicator of whether storms roll in thru California or Washington.

In fact, climate change has been blamed for making the effects of these pacific conditions more pronounced and less cyclical.

If you're uninformed about something frequently reported in the news, good chance it's because you're naive not because society is trying to pull one over on you.


froggythefish t1_j5u4pbi wrote

Sure it exists, of course it does. But no one cared or mentioned it in mainstream media until everyone started to notice “oh, we’re totally fucked” and now everyone is trying to find any other explanation for this years weather.