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BKEDDIE82 t1_j4ybryr wrote

The MTA will continue to get blank checks.


vanshnookenraggen t1_j4z6fji wrote

The only person who can really make the needed reforms at the MTA is the Gov. At this point I don't see that happening. At most the MTA will put out some kind of budget with some magic numbers about cost savings. But they are still going to cry poor and propose service cuts (more than they already have.)

Anytime you see a MTA spokesperson mention "best practices", they are full of shit. The MTA wouldn't know international best practices if it hit them.


avd706 t1_j51r55g wrote

The governor is in on it.


Biglolo3537 t1_j52puhs wrote

You guys elected her lol. Put a republican in there.


[deleted] t1_j55bxat wrote



Biglolo3537 t1_j55dwjl wrote

So you're saying that Coumo and Hochul are not shit stains? Coumo was a bowl of Diarrhea...


[deleted] t1_j55fj6a wrote



Biglolo3537 t1_j55hc07 wrote

Coumo was a piece of shit too. One of the biggest turds. Now you're saying Zeldin was a shit stain. He didn't even get a chance. So now what? Enjoy your congestion pricing.


[deleted] t1_j55n2cl wrote



Baiganeer t1_j55pkex wrote

Wait. Isn't that why people voted for Hocul? Because she had a D next to her name. Lmao

Not defending zeldin because he's a piece of work but hochul hasn't done anything for NYC since she took office. We were probably better off with the guy with the R next to his name


Baiganeer t1_j55p9zv wrote

Zeldin wasn't a good option for the republicans but I would think he was better than Hochul. She hasn't done anything since she has taken office.


angryplebe t1_j5ax1cq wrote

Wouldn't help. The special interest groups would just change who the check is made out to


oreosfly t1_j52lo91 wrote

They still refuse to itemize their construction costs, so the public has no idea how exactly they spend their money in projects.

Florida DOT can tell me that it costs exactly $36 to remove litter for a new road project, but the MTA can’t tell us how much anything costs for a new tunnel? Smh


Biglolo3537 t1_j52q1ho wrote

The public doesn't want to know how much they spend. Trust me. It will make you sick to your stomach. But it might also make you want to go work for a MTA contractor lol. Bitter sweet.


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claushauler t1_j517tei wrote

Bharara went back to private practice . Damn shame as a real motivated crime fighter is sorely needed.


ToffeeFever t1_j5j5ra8 wrote

I hope he's actually waiting until Hochul's first term falls flat enough to run in 2026.


Biglolo3537 t1_j52qcq7 wrote

Lol as if it were so easy. The system was built to keep the people that's been working there and know the system. If you fired every manager, trust when I say, nothing will work. It's not a turn key system. The system was built with so many bandaids and inconsistencies that only the people there can run it and that's how they want it.


PuppedMyAchilles t1_j4yr2qj wrote

Yep this one’s gonna stick I’m sure. This will be different from the 50+ other times they’ve said this


Captaintripps t1_j4zyvs7 wrote

Next the Post should audit NYPD overtime.


73577357 t1_j50hgep wrote

How about all union agreements? Can it be any more clear that the government will sign whatever contract it wants to buy votes down the road. There's fair compensation and then there's extortion and kickbacks.


Biglolo3537 t1_j52rf8z wrote

Yeah no one bats an eye at them. They are our heros. Standing around doing nothing for 12 hours....

A crime would happen right in front of these guys and they would go arrest the victim for defending themselves.


fldsmdfrv2 t1_j5a2dwy wrote

Actually the correct response would be "That's not our division, please call 911. Have a nice day"


Ok-Strain-9847 t1_j50n3bv wrote

The MTA could be given 10 Billion dollars for capital improvements and be broke and wanting more money inside 3 years.


claushauler t1_j5187xb wrote

MTA spent $30 million dollars on a stairway a team of immigrant laborers could have built for a fraction of the price. $30 million.


oreosfly t1_j52kyu9 wrote

A private real estate developer built the elevator at that entrance for $10 million.

Big brain.

> and $10 million, for the new elevators, paid by Jamestown Properties, the company that owns One Times Square.


claushauler t1_j52magj wrote

Reading comprehension is your passion, huh?

"The MTA said that the new entranceway cost a total of $40 million, with $30 million coming from the agency and $10 million, for the new elevators, paid by Jamestown Properties, the company that owns One Times Square."

So , anyway, they spent $30 million on a stairway. Thirty. million.dollars.


oreosfly t1_j52par7 wrote

My comment was in support of your comment - the MTA needs to spend $30m on a stair case while a private company can build an elevator for 1/3 of the cost.

Chill out. No need to be so antagonistic.


claushauler t1_j53j25q wrote

I apologize, I read you wrong and for that I'm sorry.

The MTA makes me irritable in general😆


Biglolo3537 t1_j52r0dv wrote

You do realize they pay trade workers prevailing wage. That's a nys requirement. If they could pay immigrants cheap, they would.. you should see what they pay their own employees and engineers. They pay them garbage.

But now we talk about outside contractors. They get it all. An electrican makes over a 100 bucks an hour. Their own employees are called light maintainers so that way they don't have to pay them electrican rates.


queensnyatty t1_j57e0fb wrote

Lol, they don’t pay their employees garbage. They get quadruple overtime for showing up.


Biglolo3537 t1_j57kwde wrote

No they don't. In the sense of paying them a days rate to do 2 hours of work. Yes quadruple. But no one gets quadruple OT. Policy is max, double OT.


queensnyatty t1_j57lcun wrote

“Generous contracts that allow engineers to draw quadruple pay for a standard shift, while conductors can easily score double pay just for working a Mets-game train — even if they clock no overtime;”

Did you read the linked article?


angryplebe t1_j5axkab wrote

Not the white collar employees. I was looking for IT work and the MTA pays rock bottom prices for in-house IT. The MTA is very generous with certain groups within its ranks and to outside contractors.


Biglolo3537 t1_j52qh6q wrote

That's kind of what happened with covid. Here we are 3 years and they need more money lol.


ZenWarrior7 t1_j518in8 wrote

The MTA is the only agency that doesn't have to open their books! WTF is that all about? How is this even possible? Because they are corrupt as f**k and get away with it. Time for a complete overhaul with complete transparency and accountability. No more screwing over the people! Rise up and take action people!


avd706 t1_j51qube wrote

It was set up that way by politicians.


Biglolo3537 t1_j52r6u7 wrote

Mta is the bully on the block. They do what they want and get away with it.


domo415 t1_j51bl85 wrote

It’s rather ironic… that most of the folks that work for the LIRR are the same people who complain about government bloat and waste.


atari_Pro t1_j51664z wrote

Tell me again how congestion pricing solves all of our problems?


claushauler t1_j51941y wrote

It makes the air in poor and working class neighborhoods dirtier by forcing extra traffic from drivers priced out of the congestion zone onto their roadways.

The additional pollution increases cancer and asthma rates reducing both the sheer number of the poor and their carbon footprint. You can't abet global warming if you're dead, after all.

The wealthy replace the deceased workers with AI robots that they don't have to pay and also get to live in a world with fewer poors. Problem solved, win-win.


Biglolo3537 t1_j52riyh wrote

You guys voted for Hochul. Republicans would have done away with that stupid idea.


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