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snowdrone t1_j5k2klz wrote

Most in mid twenties, many in 30s and some in early 40s.. what are you looking for?


Throwawayhelp111521 t1_j5ky4wq wrote

I'm not looking for anyone. But when someone posts a site for supposedly platonic hugs and all the service providers are women* you don't have to be a genius to wonder if something more is on offer.

*Someone did inform me that there's a man named "Marc" on page 10.


snowdrone t1_j5l1lta wrote

I think the site is legit.. it seems like they really believe in platonic hugging as a kind of therapy, exactly what OP wanted.


superangry2 t1_j5mtukh wrote

Yea there’s even overnight rates for when you want to hug a woman for like 12 hours straight.