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IndyMLVC t1_j5avpx6 wrote

Do we know what street we are looking at?


Silo-Joe t1_j5bb2ep wrote

Roughly behind the car is where the TKTS booth is currently located.


IndyMLVC t1_j5bbcn4 wrote

Ahh ok. So we're looking at the Disney store.

Thank you


Silo-Joe t1_j5bd0jt wrote

The Disney Store location is not in this photo. That’s diagonally across from where this camera was aimed.


IndyMLVC t1_j5be0rx wrote

So this is facing which direction? North West?


HiFiGuy197 t1_j5bh0v2 wrote

This is facing northwest and the Disney store would be directly behind the cameraman.

The short white building with the big circle window is the Lunt-Fontanne Theater.


whyyoutookmyname OP t1_j5ap1u3 wrote

Description of the photo:

March 1943. "New York, N.Y. Times Square on a rainy day." Now playing: Disney's "Saludos Amigos." Afterward we can grab a bite at the Automat. Medium format negative by John Vachon, Office of War Information.

Source Photo (in B&W) retrived from


PoorFilmSchoolAlumn t1_j5cyca6 wrote

Looks low-res for medium format.


LittleKitty235 t1_j5d789v wrote

How can you tell? By looking at the pixels? 🥴

Medium format like 120 could have shown more detail, but any number of factors in the steps from through development to digitiation could have degraded it. Seems reasonable to me to be medium format.


PoorFilmSchoolAlumn t1_j5dedlx wrote

I’m not doubting it was shot on medium format. I’m just making a joke about the image quality.


SendTacosPlease t1_j5c3o9u wrote

This is a rough approximation of where it would have been taken from via google street view, August 2022: See here . As noted, the Disney store is directly behind the photographer. If you look, you'll notice the awning of the current Lunt-Fontanne Theater on the left hand-side to try and match it appropriately!


Silo-Joe t1_j5bb8j8 wrote

Nice photo of the Horn & Hardart Automat.


grambell789 t1_j5cv2gw wrote

here it is now:

you can see the little round window on the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre down 46th st.

the building on the corner is gone but according to wikimapia the Automat is still there just buried under advertisements.


lamb_pudding t1_j5bw5bu wrote

I thought this was a screenshot of a Fallout game.


LittleKitty235 t1_j5clawl wrote

It's hard not to look at it and not think it is a movie set right?


dekalbavenue t1_j5cii1e wrote

I was curious about the names of the stars on that billboard on the right. The only full name I see is Ina Ray Hutton and she was definitely not a nobody according to what I could find of her.


PorchHonky t1_j5cysns wrote

Wow. Times Square was recruiting wack people even way back then!


LittleKitty235 t1_j5d7gf3 wrote

But Times Square is no longer brought you by the letter 'E'

What the hell is up with that sign?


PorchHonky t1_j5d7syo wrote

Didn’t even notice on my first glance… Pretty sure that thing is a glitch in the matrix. Too afraid to scan it with my phone!