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philmatu t1_j6ditfw wrote

I'm from the NY/PA border roughly 50 miles south of Buffalo. Compared to when I was a young kid in the 90s to now, there simply isn't as much snow up there anymore it seems (when I visit).

To be fair though, the lake snow bands would set up further south when I was young, now they seem to set up further north so the snow is the same, it just goes to a different narrow area now.


sutisuc t1_j6e4xw5 wrote

For sure it snows less than it used to in the 90s but that’s true everywhere else too. I think the frustrating thing I encounter is western NYers who insist buffalo doesn’t get much snow but in comparison to the rest of the country it absolutely does and is frequently the snowiest mid sized city in the country


philmatu t1_j6g0gbr wrote

Being from that area, I agree. If you look at Buffalo-proper, it's right on the lake and typically only sees snow from general snowfall events. A few miles inland, you'll see lake-effect snow bands set up that dump an enormous amount of snow in a narrow area. That's why most of us up there say that Buffalo doesn't see that much snow, because only a few miles south, you'll see a lot more in comparison. When I grew up the bands set up about 40 miles south of the city, but now they're closer to 20 miles south of the city it seems.