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Nubiolic t1_jabo7aj wrote

Thanks for the excellent, detailed post. I'm going to do this asap.

Question about hsa contributions. Is there any advantage/disadvantage to maxing out your hsa with a single paycheck vs having it maxed out with payments throughout the year?


throwaway18000081 t1_jaco1c6 wrote

You’re welcome! There are no advantages of maxing it all at once other than “you can invest your money into the market quicker so your money spends more time invested”.

With a HSA, your employer match does not depend on your contribution meaning you always receive the match whether you contribute or not, so that is not an issue here.

I would advise to contribute to your HSA on a normal per paycheck schedule in case you leave your employer mid-year and decide not to go with a HSA plan with your new employer, this may cause pro-rated contribution issues and having to take some contributions out and stuff.


whisky_in_your_water t1_jacxsbl wrote

I do it per paycheck so my paychecks are consistent. That's it.

Just make sure to do it through payroll instead of as a separate contribution because you can only avoid FICA taxes if you do it through payroll.