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Houlio599 OP t1_jaer02l wrote

What’s wrong with Vanguards version?


BouncyEgg t1_jaer4am wrote

As you've discovered... Costs you $75 each time you buy it.


Houlio599 OP t1_jaerq6t wrote

Well that was my first time buying into the mutual fund.


DeluxeXL t1_jaerzu9 wrote

You can possibly get the commission waived one time if you contact customer service.


Houlio599 OP t1_jaesawy wrote

Okay thanks


Celodurismo t1_jaexhg1 wrote

You should take another look at the transactions screens too, somewhere along the way when you were buying the fund it definitely told you there was a fee, but you must've missed it. So figure out where that information is so you can look for it next time.


elcheapodeluxe t1_jaexl9i wrote

Nothing if you switch to another brokerage that doesn't compete with Vanguard and charge fees to discourage you to buy them.