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this gym costs me $112/month and has a year contract which is near impossible to escape. i went for 7 months. but they’re only open until 7 pm during the week, 8-12 on saturdays, and not open at all sunday. do i started going to planet fitness and loved it so much more, and it’s only $10/month. the cancellation fee for the kickboxing gym? $250. with an additional $25 for every month you attended. bringing my supposed total to $425. oh but wait, it will be an additional month of payment because the cancellation form is only a 30 day notice of cancellation. bringing my total to $537! the cost of finishing the memebership normally is $560! i am so mad at them, mad at myself, angry i made such a horrible financial choice.

this is just word to the wise to think carefully about joining subscriptions like this. i will never do this shit again. at least i’m only 22 so if this is the worst financial choice i’ve ever made, it’s not too bad. but still. f*ck you 9round. ugh.

edit: i got them to agree to waive the last month of pay and now i owe $375 to cancel everything. could be worse, im saving $190 by cancelling which feels not horrible. idk. im an idiot.



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