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[deleted] OP t1_jea752q wrote

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I'm not sure what a w4 is, do they have that in canada?


FourWayFork t1_jea7kke wrote

In addition to giving more details, you should say "Canada" in the subject line.

People tend to assume US (particularly when you just use a $) and so any advice you get is going to be US-centric.


t-poke t1_jea7sfy wrote

/r/PersonalFinanceCanada will probably be more helpful.


whisky_in_your_water t1_jeabvx1 wrote

W4 is a US thing that tells the employer how much to deduct from your taxes. Essentially, it tells the employer about other income or deductions they don't know about.

It looks like the Canadian equivalent is a T4.