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javascript1169 t1_iugfesg wrote

I can speak to this recently. My car insurance had been going up at least $40 each 6-month policy renewal the past 1.5 years. I have Progressive and contacted them asking why if I haven’t changed any of my policy. They just told me it’s due to inflation and “increasing claim rates in my area”, so basically I’m subsidizing for the bozos who are actually getting into accidents around where I live lol.

Unfortunately I have a car with a reconstructed title, meaning some companies won’t even insure my car at all and others are exorbitantly more expensive than Progressive is.


Cryptic0677 t1_iuggsm8 wrote

Subsidizing bozos that get into accidents is literally how all insurance has worked since it began


Rickard403 t1_iugiz5j wrote

Yup, nothing new here. If the age pool I'm in gets into more accidents, i would expect my rates to climb. Since covid helped lower rates, it was inevitable they would eventually go back up.


kingmotley t1_iugqefl wrote

Your insurance went down during covid?


BlueSafeJessie t1_iuh0z5l wrote

My insurance company sent out a couple refund checks during the pandemic.


jebuizy t1_iuhzxyc wrote

My insurance went way down. I'm paying at least 15% less than I was pre COVID. I haven't changed providers. My car has gotten older and so have I though lol.


CACuzcatlan t1_iugxzc9 wrote

>so basically I’m subsidizing for the bozos who are actually getting into accidents around where I live

That's the entire concept of how all insurance works.


BSC25M t1_iuhkid8 wrote

That’s literally how insurance works…

Don’t carry collision if you’re so confident about your ability to avoid accidents…


74orangebeetle t1_iuhprlz wrote

Yep, that's what I recommend, also a dash cam so you have some proof if someone else runs a red light or stop sign so you're not in a situation of 'your word against theirs' on what happened, what color the light was, etc.


ProfessionalBasis834 t1_iuj2vec wrote

My daughter's car is literally at the local stereo shop right now getting the dashcam hardwired in.

My wife and I have dashcams. Six days after having hers installed, her car was totaled by a distracted box truck driver. We only had back one month from the collision repair after another accident where she wasn't at fault. The other driver had a blowout on the highway, bounced off the center divider, and then took her out. The cops fully attributed the collision to him in the report. A month later, our insurance informed us that he changed his tune, and said my wife hit him.

Dashcams are a must.