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Cryptic0677 t1_iuggsm8 wrote

Subsidizing bozos that get into accidents is literally how all insurance has worked since it began


Rickard403 t1_iugiz5j wrote

Yup, nothing new here. If the age pool I'm in gets into more accidents, i would expect my rates to climb. Since covid helped lower rates, it was inevitable they would eventually go back up.


kingmotley t1_iugqefl wrote

Your insurance went down during covid?


BlueSafeJessie t1_iuh0z5l wrote

My insurance company sent out a couple refund checks during the pandemic.


jebuizy t1_iuhzxyc wrote

My insurance went way down. I'm paying at least 15% less than I was pre COVID. I haven't changed providers. My car has gotten older and so have I though lol.