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Sorry if this question is beyond the scope of this sub but I wasn’t sure where else it would fit.

For about four months now I have been getting daily calls (sometimes multiple calls in a day) from a company called Midland Credit. When I first got the calls I would answer them because I assumed given the name that they were trying to pitch me a credit card. They are calling trying to collect on a debt that isn’t mine. I informed them that I am not the person they are trying to reach. I’ve had this issue before where they are trying to reach the person my cell number used to belong to. I’ve explained to them several times that they have a bad number and to please update their records. Every time they say they will and apologize but the calls keep coming in. It’s reached the point that I feel like I’m being harassed. I’ve began ignoring the calls and blocking the numbers they call me on but they seem to have a limitless supply. At this point I have blocked over thirty different numbers and they still call. I understand it’s a minor inconvenience but it’s driving me crazy. Is there anything practical I can do to stop these calls for good?



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boltman1234 t1_iy4i6f9 wrote

Ideally you got written verification of the debt within 30 days. If not wait for them to sue you then sue them back.

Log a complaint to CFPB's complaint database


JesseB342 OP t1_iy4inqr wrote

I didn’t get anything since the debt isn’t mine. It’s some strangers that just happened to have my cell number years ago. Once you cancel your cell service your number goes into a queue and gets assigned again to another person when they start new service. So the person they’re trying to reach hasn’t had this number in at least two years. I’ve explained this to the collection reps half a dozen times but they’re either too inept to fix it or they just don’t care.


[deleted] t1_iy4rrsv wrote

They don't care. I have the same situation. Every six months or so the person who had my number before me debt's are resold and the new collectors call.


boltman1234 t1_iy4j5jp wrote

File the complaint to the database. Read your rights, if you feel they were violated then find a lawyer willing to take on the case.