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_Nuba_ t1_iy87kda wrote

You know what they say, buy high sell low… the best time to invest is when the market is down and people are scared. You have technically not lost anything if you didn’t sell, and if you are worried about the volatility you should look at changing your asset allocation to something a bit less volatile where you would still be comfortable investing.


TyrconnellFL t1_iy8fd9a wrote

I agree… except your first sentence is backwards. Buying high and selling low is not a great strategy.


_Nuba_ t1_iy8g0le wrote

It was sarcasm, the point is no one bats an eye when they are buying high but then all of a sudden prices drop and people stop buying. Stocks are the only place people are more happy to buy high over buying low. People should always be buying regardless but many people don’t