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My husband and I have shared accounts for household expenses. We also each have our own checking, savings, and credit card accounts.

I have no problem with budgeting for the main expenses. Retirement comes straight out of my paycheck, our emergency fund is an automatic transfer, and all our recurring bills are auto-pay.

I used to have a portion of my paycheck automatically deposit into my personal account as my fun money, but when we were saving for a house a couple years back I switched it over. Ever since then I've been doing my discretionary spending out of our main shared.

But I'm anxious about the amount of discretionary spending I do. (In general, my husband spends way less day to day.)

Based on that, my husband and I talked about setting an "allowance" in the new year that goes straight into my account.

Most budgeting apps are for daily expenses and bills. Are there any that you guys would recommend primarily for tracking discretionary/fun money?

I want to track transaction by transaction, counting down from $x/month and rolling over anything that's left. Even better if I can set categories of spend.



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Special-Band3558 t1_j1opi52 wrote

YNAB would do this - but it has a subscription fee.


Deadlift_007 t1_j1oqk5y wrote

+1 for YNAB.

Yes, it's a subscription, but it easily pays for itself in the amount of money it saves you over time.


jellybeansean3648 OP t1_j1oqmjd wrote

The app store didn't have any specific info on pricing. A reviewer mentioned $100. Going out on a limb and assuming that's annual. Does that seem like it's in the right ballpark?


waterboy100 t1_j1os1kl wrote

I think so. Looks like one year is 98.99 on the apple app store.


AdditionalAttorney t1_j1qf4pa wrote

I don’t see why any budgeting app can’t do this. Just ignore the categories for bills


kveggie1 t1_j1psx18 wrote

You need to combine accounts and become a team.

Tracking fun money: cash.


jellybeansean3648 OP t1_j1qke3v wrote

  1. I wasn't asking about our accounts
  2. We're not consolidating accounts
  3. That's bad advice that leaves people open to financial abuse by their partners

And as for the fun money: 4. My purchases are a mix on online and in person

I understand that you were trying (?) to be helpful, but this is possibly the worst financial advice I've ever recieved.