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Mysunsai t1_j2cm09e wrote

The answer, formally, is that the IRS has not yet issued any ruling on that problem, and so nobody actually knows whether that could become a problem.

The practical answer is that it is so easy to find alternatives that still have essentially perfect correlation, that it is not really worth taking a risk on it.


nozzery t1_j2ckt28 wrote

With most index, you probably could. With sp500, no, they are identical. Just switch to vti or vv


plowt-kirn t1_j2cjuhx wrote

I wouldn't. Go with a total market fund.


kveggie1 t1_j2d7ocw wrote

Of course this works only for non tax advantaged accounts (does not work for IRA, 403b, 401k, etc.)


BastidChimp t1_j2emnqm wrote

Don't sell VOO. Just keep DCA during this bear market. Take advantage of its discounted price. Time in the market beats timing the market.