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alwayslookingout t1_j259029 wrote

OP has his priorities all out of whack. Spending over 1/3 of his rent on a car payment (half after taking into account insurance/fuel) is clearly not as important as having a great social life.


Chuckdatass t1_j25aq9a wrote

Also he is moving to a different country in 6 months. So I’m not sure why he is so concerned about cultivating the social circle he is about to ditch completely


megamigit23 t1_j26zs2q wrote

that is a great point. but ig he maybe sees it as enjoying his time left before possibly never seeing longtime friends again? thats understandable.


rallytoad t1_j27y0oq wrote

Not to mention Pittsburgh has pretty decent public transit. Bus only roads, bus only lanes, light rail, etc.

Lived in Pittsburgh briefly and the buses were cheap and frequent enough that you'd get where you needed to pretty easily. Cabs were cheap as well if you didn't want to wait.

OP is looking to justify to himself keeping an expensive car that he doesn't need and can't afford.


dannyj611 OP t1_j25gvjq wrote

Yeah my car payment is crazy. I got the car shortly after I started my first “adult” job after college as a present to myself. At the time I was living at home and could afford it. I had done some napkin math when I had to move out of my aunts house and I could still swing it then.


samewinesko t1_j275dz3 wrote

Unfortunately this is super common. Buy that 2006 Honda, people!!


No_Leader1154 t1_j27jl0h wrote

My first car: a beater I bought for $1500, sold for $1700. My second car: bought from an old man’s estate sale for $8500, sold after driving it to death for $9200. I now ride a brand new motorcycle I bought for $6500, fill up for $11 every two weeks, and we just bought my partner a newer SUV. I’ve been driving for 14 years. Point is, you gotta learn to crawl before you can walk.