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Huge_butthole69420 t1_j25cgjd wrote

>Mobile Phone: 151

I assume you owe money on a phone? You want to free up cash flow... Pay off the phone and just pay the normal payment on your car note until you do...

>Eating Out: 200 Shopping: 200

What? cut these out and you gain $400 extra in cash flow per month... Or you bump your grocery budget up to 300 and free up 300...

A budget is an outline of how to properly spend your money... It is giving yourself permission to spend on what you deem necessary. The goal when you have debt like your car should be to throw as much as possible at that debt to get it gone, or continue paying the bill and invest more than you're paying for the car. A budget is only as good as the person making it. Live like you are broke until you don't owe anything on the car.

Or just sell the stupid car.