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sephiroth3650 t1_j25h9tl wrote

Quick thoughts:

  • You already know that your car loan is the killer. You need a car. You probably don't need THAT car. A 4 year loan on a $15k car will come out to about $350 per month. And if your car is worth more than you owe, you could push the purchase price up with a larger down payment.
  • Your cell phone bill seems high. Your home Internet bill seems high.
  • What is your income? How tight is your budget? If you're having issues balancing things, then maybe you don't have $50 for coffee.
  • You made a very telling comment. You said you lived in an area that might not necessitate a car. You said you could cover essentials by walking locally. Does this include work? But your comment of "but I fear my social life will tank" is the telling comment. I'm not saying you should be a total shut in....but are you allocating around $800 per month for a car just to maintain a healthy social life?

megamigit23 t1_j2709re wrote

$50 for coffee is even a lot. assuming $5 per coffee, thats 10x a month or once every 3 days. if you need coffee that badly, make it at home for 30 cents


ohmissfiggy t1_j27os5s wrote

If they are moving out of country in six months, she can have a $5000 car or even less and have little to no car payment. I mean she really just needs it for social activities, right?