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YLUP2 t1_j26mina wrote

You can, but you won’t. That’s the beauty of not having a car payment hanging over your head. You won’t allow yourself to pay that much for Lyft/Uber. I don’t have a car and the most I can spend is $300. After that I sit my ass home or take the bus.


TypicaIAnalysis t1_j26rkym wrote

That would be less than 5 trips where i live rip


YLUP2 t1_j26tijo wrote

Lol it’s not a lot of trips (2/week) but I wfh & live in the DC metro area so it’s very walkable & public transport is great. The grocery stores, gym and shops are a 5-15 minute walk. The bus is ever closer and comes every 5 minutes during the day.


No2reddituser t1_j27n9i4 wrote

Just for the record, Pittsburgh and the surrounding suburbs don't have anything like the DC metro.

Around Pittsburgh, unless you live in the city and don't care about traveling beyond city limits, you're driving.


YLUP2 t1_j27q7ct wrote

I know, you have to drive in most cities in this country. I was originally responding to the comment about spending $800/month on Uber.


megamigit23 t1_j26zwt7 wrote

and if he's moving outta the country anyways, might as well start looking at selling the car.


28carslater t1_j27cp2t wrote

I just bought and fixed a loaded Buick in Pgh for less than what you spend in a year @ $300/mo inc. $115/yr more insurance.


YLUP2 t1_j27rr6k wrote

Yes, in most cases owning a car is more efficient in the long run. The point is I don’t HAVE to spend even $100 if I don’t want to (the bus is $1 and I can walk to downtown for entertainment/shopping) I’m saving to buy a car in cash next year. The prices were too high this year and I would’ve ended up with a high month payment like OP. I don’t know enough about cars to take the risk of buying a cheap car privately (see this post)


28carslater t1_j27sk6d wrote

As an auto enthusiast and former wholesaler I could talk for hours on the subject of used cars, but the best advice I can give you is here.

The next best advice I can give is as a rule don't buy GM after 2010, though before some of the car models make surprisingly good beaters hence the Buick (its an '07).