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pookiewook OP t1_j29i52z wrote

Very true! I am considering looking once they are all in school. I love the flexibility.


sowhat4 t1_j2afs6f wrote

Don't count on the school picking up a parents' slack totally. Unless they've been in daycare/preschool since two-years old, those kids are going to be sick a minimum of twice a month. And, if they were like mine, they would stagger they days they had to stay home.

You will be surprised how many sick days you will have to sacrifice in order to pick them up from school and run them to doctor's appointments. They can't go back to school until fever free, either.

Don't do it. The return to an office would not be worth it unless 1) you have a nanny or a GMa ready to step in and/or 2) a husband who can take all that time off his WFH situation - for three kids. All the time. Don't forget your added expenses like clothes, dry cleaning, gas, car maintenance, and just the unpaid labor of a daily commute.


pookiewook OP t1_j2b0hkw wrote

My kids have been in full time daycare since they were 12 weeks old. I’m quite familiar with keeping them home when sick.

My husband thinks I can find another full time fully remote job that pays me more money.


thatgreenmaid t1_j2b8fyw wrote

And perhaps you can BUT fully remote doesn't mean flexible.


pookiewook OP t1_j2bgr60 wrote

Very true, his job is not as flexible as mine but he is also fully remote.


UnableInvestment8753 t1_j2cd3c6 wrote

One other note: a lot people that were hired to be remote are now being told they aren’t anymore.


sowhat4 t1_j2bags6 wrote

Ah, so you already know the drill. Then, go for a fully remote job as long as your husband is down for doing at least his 50%. It sounds doable - unless you were commuting to an office every day.


Lunakill t1_j2dlnc7 wrote

May I ask why he isn’t looking? It sounds like you do a lot of the childcare, which should leave him better positioned for large changes like that.


robyn_herbert t1_j2ds2y9 wrote

Probably not goona get a response because this is the hard question he doesn’t wanna answer.


vague_diss t1_j2f5sqh wrote

This is true. Also after school activities! So many teams, clubs, fund raisers, play dates, half school days, yada yada yada. If this means you don’t need day care or a sitter, your flexible job is solid gold.


Tdanger78 t1_j2a7s8a wrote

I wish I could work from home but my job requires I work on a secured network. My wife works from home and homeschools our daughter. My job covers all health, dental and vision, and I’m not even close to maxing retirement for 401k or IRA. You’ve got a young family and I can’t say enough that having the flexibility your current boss allows you is something you may not find. Money might be nice, but that flexibility loss will absolutely cause issues your husband isn’t considering. Y’all have it pretty sweet, I wish I could work from home and be with my kids more but I’ve got a decent job with great benefits.


RustySheriffsBadge1 t1_j2aisbb wrote

I mean VPN exists for a reason. No doubt there can be other reasons you can't work from home or it's more nuanced than secured network but if is just, "we need you on our secured network", that's crap.


dlec1 t1_j2dq7zs wrote

I think that would make the most sense. Most employers will tell you they’re flexible with kid stuff, but they really aren’t. You know your current employer is. The devil you know is better than the one you don’t.

Also as someone who travels for work, no money is worth missing time with your kids for a sales job (assuming that you like your kids!).