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Werewolfdad t1_j6p75w5 wrote

Mutual fund prices don’t update until 6pm

So you didn’t wait long enough to check


[deleted] OP t1_j6p8c30 wrote



tired-gay-raccoon t1_j6p9m5w wrote

Today's VFFSX price change hasn't been updated, so anywhere you're looking at VFFSX's price change, over any period of time that you might think should include today, it does not reflect what happened today.

What happens when you add (not exactly how it works but close enough) today's +1.42% to the 1yr -11.05%?


tired-gay-raccoon t1_j6p772y wrote

Mutual fund prices update once a day, after hours. This typically happens sometime before 6pm eastern time but that's not a hard and fast rule.


nkyguy1988 t1_j6p7e9f wrote

That's because the fund hasn't priced today. Mutual funds only get a price update once daily, a few hours after market close.