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BouncyEgg t1_j6mmeff wrote

Do you like green or blue?


Flashy-Read-9417 t1_j6mo6fv wrote

Well if they like red, there's always Vanguard. I do like Schwabs UI better but you really can't go wrong with those three.

My reasoning: Employer simple ira is through schwab amd I like having one account for everything. So my Roth, HSA, and individual brokerage are all through schwab. I have had a brokerage account through Vanguard as well.


bco268 t1_j6ntouk wrote

> I do like Schwabs UI better but you really can't go wrong with those three.

Schwab has ruined their position view with a new version and now it looks all cluttered and crap. I'm actually looking to move my accounts elsewhere.


whisky_in_your_water t1_j6mv6cu wrote

TL;DR - If it's for an IRA, Fidelity, Schwab, and Vanguard are all great. If it's for a taxable account, they're still all great, but there are some important differences.

As others have said, consider Vanguard as well. Honestly, all three of them are solid and for a pure individual investment account, I can't really say which is best because they're all great. Some things that might push you toward one over the others:

  • if it's for a taxable brokerage account - Vanguard mutual funds can be converted to ETFs without a taxable event
  • Schwab's debit card is great (no foreign transaction fees, no ATM withdrawal fees worldwide)
  • Fidelity's debit card is great (largely same as Schwab, but has a 1% foreign transaction fee)
  • Fidelity has a 2% cash back credit card and a rewards debit card (Bloom; no international ATM fee rebate and higher foreign transaction fee; can have both Bloom and Fidelity debit cards)

If it's just for an IRA, none of the above matters and it all comes down to fund selection, and both are very good. If you're going to buy ETFs, it matters even less.


Droo99 t1_j6mriox wrote

Fidelity appears to pay significantly more on uninvested cash balances than schwab does. I can also set my Fidelity brokerage sweep account to SPAXX.


lucky_ducker t1_j6n33e7 wrote

Schwab has a better website, but Fidelity seemingly has a better mobile app.

Schwab has an excellent selection of in-house index ETFs; Fidelity has a good selection of in-house index mutual funds but doesn't seem to have any in-house ETFs.


Left-Landscape-3890 t1_j6mwjqc wrote

Not sure about Schwab. Vanguard is ok. Good for auto investing in their mutual funds. Not much else. Fidelity is great. One stop shop they do it all


Longjumping-Nature70 t1_j6n7pv6 wrote

6 of one, half dozen of the other.

Yesterday, I put in motion on moving my money from Fidelity to Vanguard. I had to call Fidelity to do that, which, of course, means they try to sales pitch you out of it.

Why? I am consolidating accounts to make it easier for me to manage.

Lucky me, I have more consolidation to go through. I should be done by the end of the year is my guess. I move slow. Do one account at a time, to make sure all the bugs are worked out. Then move on to the next.

I look at my financial madness as sort of like living in our house forever. We accumulate a lot of stuff, and that stuff is put into out of the way places, marked as "to be dealt with later." Twenty years later, you look at that collection of 600 flower pots, and go, "Why?"


Accountantinkc t1_j6no351 wrote

For various reasons we have money at both and also Vanguard. We prefer Schwab's website and customer service.


SuperSneaks t1_j6nu27k wrote

If being able to buy fractional shares is an issue. Schwab only lets you buy certain stocks in fractional shares. Fidelity does not have the same restriction or is not as restrictive as Schwab with fractional shares.


mrbrsman t1_j6mr4ku wrote

I would choose vanguard personally but all three are good choices. Between only the two, I would choose Schwab as I don’t love Fidelity’s website.