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BackInNJAgain t1_j6hv9hz wrote

Why is everyone assuming this poster is going to exchange their $$ for USD? If I earn 5.89% on Euros or Yen or some other currency because I live in a country that uses them, why would I convert that money to USD vs. just using it my own country as the native currency of that country?


hearnia_2k t1_j6hxonj wrote

I am not assuming that. I was continuing what u/uski said, in my examples.

It could be any currency, but they chose to benchmark against USD and EUR.

I already pointed out in another comment that exchanging currencies would bring it's own issues, but Uski seemed to think it would be better to have foreign currency based on the inflation rate of OPs own currency. I think it's far too simplistic a view.

I even pointed out in my comment you replied to that they may have no use for USD.