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BouncyEgg t1_j6oto6a wrote

Your post provides no new data. You are likely to receive no new guidance.

It's not clear what your current situation is. Still a student? Working part time, okay, so what are you doing with the "other" time?

Why did the military "fall through?"

What did your university's financial aid office say?

Why does it feel like making payments on the loan not an option?


CQME t1_j6oujko wrote

> Why did the military "fall through?"

Curious about this too. I would have found another school had this happened to me.


Liquidretro t1_j6ow8p8 wrote

This, it's also unclear who OP owes the money to, it sounds like the school directly. Not sure what the expectation was about the military covering thing proactively.

Nor do we really understand why this is a priority all a sudden. If the time constraint is that the old school needs paid before they will release a transcript so they can start at the new school this will need to be figured out first. This isn't an uncommon problem.

OP Needs to explain the situation in detail because we don't know the situation or the poster enough to infer the details.


Sunksunksunkppppppp OP t1_j6p2v6i wrote

I made another comment that explains it in a little more detail. I shouldn't have been so vague


Sunksunksunkppppppp OP t1_j6p2cwy wrote

The other time is spent at school, I am a music major so I have to practice multiple instruments frequently.

The military fell through because my parents are on disability and the was supposedly going to pay for school since my dad is 100% disabled

The university office has passed the loan to a debt collector and they told me that anything that is over a year old will not be covered by a student loan

I don't know what you mean by the last question, but the payments for the student loan start on 2/2.

I mainly need the 17k since I can't apply for any transfer until I have my transcripts from the private university.

Can I pay some of it out of pocket and get a smaller loan? I don't know if that's an option or not