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FormerHoagie t1_j9x6nvk wrote

I’m learning what vehicles I should never buy. What’s the market on 20 year old Ford Ranger parts?


Little_Noodles t1_j9xd798 wrote

I keep hoping that someone will steal my catalytic converter because it’s been fucked since the day after the warranty ran out, and insurance to replace it would be cheaper than the fix.

But no luck, and I’m going on almost 190k miles now. So the trick is maybe to have a bunch of trash covered in dog hair in the backseat? My husband is always bragging about how tidy his car is, and he had to get a new one.


vexedsinik t1_j9wg09h wrote

Yeah, this car probably had wheel locks, too. They mean nothing. As a former mechanic, if you have the right tools, you can take them right off. With ease if they are torqued to spec. They're nothing but placebo security.


Baron_Von_D t1_j9wtgeu wrote

If you own a Honda/Acura pretty much anywhere, make sure your wheels are secured outside the basic OEM locks.


SwugSteve t1_j9x3kkf wrote

Why are Hondas/acuras specifically targeted?


Past_Cartographer230 t1_j9yb6gj wrote

They are highly available and are good cars in general. The Honda Acura car culture loves to put newer Honda rims on older Honda cars. It has a lot to do with Latin car culture.


espressocycle t1_j9ygh8n wrote

Honda uses the same bolt pattern on most cars year after year and a lot of other parts are interchangeable between years and models which is part of why they became tuner favorites in the first place.


espressocycle t1_j9yg184 wrote

Never buy a Honda if you live in the city! I've seen them on blocks with the doors removed which begs the question as to why you wouldn't just bring a flatbed and take the whole thing.


kilometr t1_j9zcs3i wrote

And mainly Honda accords. They’re prime targets. at least get wheel locks


ticonderoga- t1_j9w9r6d wrote

Where at? Just trying to get a sense of whether my car is in danger or not…


TheFAPnetwork t1_j9wco6d wrote


mistersausage t1_j9wwgww wrote

But why? Why's it always Hondas?


Linkstas t1_j9y67ml wrote

They swap them onto their older model Hondas. Crv, accord, Civic, integra, Odyssey. Poor people shit.


TPPH_1215 t1_j9y92cf wrote

I hate old odyessys, lol. The drivers piss me off here.


mistersausage t1_j9yua39 wrote

Makes sense, but why don't we see this shit for more expensive cars like BMW or Audi, or Toyotas for that matter?


Linkstas t1_j9zljxu wrote

Different lug nut setups. I believe most honda/acura share the same 4 x / 5x pattern. I assume this keeps cost down.


Also, Most driving a high end bmw/audi probably don't leave it some where easily accessible to thieves just due to the different nature of where they live/work.


mistersausage t1_j9zmet1 wrote

I see plenty of fancy cars parked on the street in Fairmount. The similar lug nuts makes sense, bigger market for hot wheels.


TheFAPnetwork t1_j9x6pig wrote

I think it's the fact that they're factory rims with a low profile tire. They look good, but since there so many out there people figure, fuck it they're easy to take


Darius_Banner t1_ja3godk wrote

It’s trash culture. They believe new rims will enhance their sexual prowess.


Tough_Strawberry5519 t1_j9wc9o8 wrote

OP said 17th and Catherine. Be safe.


MRichards18 t1_j9xbrej wrote

Yo I just parked here 2 hours ago and have a Honda wtffff. This isn’t my car though. Am I really going to have to go check my car at 1am right now fuck.


Tough_Strawberry5519 t1_j9xc3fo wrote

Dude :( It wouldn't be a bad idea, but just be careful if you do head out right now. And if you see anyone doing that or something else to your car, don't confront them. Just call the cops. Your life comes first. Don't take a bullet for your car. Good luck.


jchapin t1_j9yms5q wrote

This was also done to an Accord on 22nd near Cherry about 2-3 weeks ago. Your car isn’t safe parked on the street at night unless it is near a police precinct.


Tough_Strawberry5519 t1_j9waavb wrote

Philly. That's really all you need to know!



synthetikxangel t1_j9w5mzi wrote

Same thing. Same kind of car. In Kensington -.-


iamitman007 t1_j9x4rvi wrote

They took mine of 2018 Accord at 21st and Cathrine few years back. At least if got crates for each wheel.


Past_Cartographer230 t1_j9yaxlk wrote

Idk why these people love stock Honda Accord rims. I’ve seen these newer rims on older Hondas. They definitely steal them and re sell them. If you have this car in a higher trim get wheel locks.


DonovanMcLoughlin t1_j9we7ac wrote

We used to see this all the time in New Orleans. Sometimes it was theft, sometimes it was repo.


givemebackmybrain t1_j9yji94 wrote

On top of the other answers, Honda's oem alloy manufacturer is Enkei, which is pretty well known as a top aftermarket alloy wheel manufacturer as well, which adds to the value.

If you must have a Honda, consider steelies instead.


theaccountant856 t1_j9z8z5x wrote

This city is getting ridiculous. It’s expensive as duck to live in grad hospital there’s literally no where to escape it


VanDammeJamBand t1_ja4652d wrote

Just yesterday I saw an SUV around 15th and Wharton jacked up with back wheels removed.


WeJustDid46 t1_j9w95ze wrote

Welcome to Philadelphia. Enter at your own risk.


IPA_lot_ t1_j9x04j5 wrote

This is a country wide thing dude.

Go back to looking at perfect pussies.


FormerHoagie t1_j9x6jwg wrote

I’m reading along and “Perfect Pussies” caught my eye. Did you check his comment history and notice he was in a sub named that? Lol


BigDickolasNicholas t1_j9wt4jn wrote

Which suburban county do you think the thieves are from? Could be any of them, they're all filled with scumbags


WeJustDid46 t1_j9wvb47 wrote

Mostly Philadelphia, get out while you still have a chance and a life!


BigDickolasNicholas t1_ja3w0qf wrote

Imagine spending your time on a subreddit for a city that you don't live in and tell someone to get a life.


WeJustDid46 t1_ja48zek wrote

Imagine living 55 years of your life in a once great city, to watch it deteriorate from within.
Imagine being able to leave your front door open to let a breeze come through your home.
Imagine buying a handyman’s special and fixing it up to be the nicest house on the block because you wanted to retire there.
Imagine being able to take a walk any time of the day or night without having anyone bother you.
Imagine being able to sleep through the night without low flying police helicopters waking you up.
Imagine having two of your cars totaled that were in front of your home and another one stolen.
Imagine on the very last day in your home coming home from work to have a group of high school punks plowing into your shoulder on purpose.

Now: Imagine hearing a siren 5 times a year and one of those times it’s Santa Claus coming around on a fire engine.
Imagine sleeping through the night with absolutely no outside noise or sirens.
You are correct I do not live in the city anymore I got out while my home was still worth something.
I suggest you do the same


BigDickolasNicholas t1_ja4oa6c wrote

Imagine being 60 and still being chronically online


WeJustDid46 t1_ja617v5 wrote

You don’t seem to have any problems with being chronically online do you?


WeJustDid46 t1_ja60yrk wrote

Hmmmmmmm……… You are calling me chronically online? You’ve been on Reddit for 4 years. So do you consider yourself an addict?