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ticonderoga- t1_j9w9r6d wrote

Where at? Just trying to get a sense of whether my car is in danger or not…


TheFAPnetwork t1_j9wco6d wrote


mistersausage t1_j9wwgww wrote

But why? Why's it always Hondas?


Linkstas t1_j9y67ml wrote

They swap them onto their older model Hondas. Crv, accord, Civic, integra, Odyssey. Poor people shit.


TPPH_1215 t1_j9y92cf wrote

I hate old odyessys, lol. The drivers piss me off here.


mistersausage t1_j9yua39 wrote

Makes sense, but why don't we see this shit for more expensive cars like BMW or Audi, or Toyotas for that matter?


Linkstas t1_j9zljxu wrote

Different lug nut setups. I believe most honda/acura share the same 4 x / 5x pattern. I assume this keeps cost down.


Also, Most driving a high end bmw/audi probably don't leave it some where easily accessible to thieves just due to the different nature of where they live/work.


mistersausage t1_j9zmet1 wrote

I see plenty of fancy cars parked on the street in Fairmount. The similar lug nuts makes sense, bigger market for hot wheels.


TheFAPnetwork t1_j9x6pig wrote

I think it's the fact that they're factory rims with a low profile tire. They look good, but since there so many out there people figure, fuck it they're easy to take


Darius_Banner t1_ja3godk wrote

It’s trash culture. They believe new rims will enhance their sexual prowess.


Tough_Strawberry5519 t1_j9wc9o8 wrote

OP said 17th and Catherine. Be safe.


MRichards18 t1_j9xbrej wrote

Yo I just parked here 2 hours ago and have a Honda wtffff. This isn’t my car though. Am I really going to have to go check my car at 1am right now fuck.


Tough_Strawberry5519 t1_j9xc3fo wrote

Dude :( It wouldn't be a bad idea, but just be careful if you do head out right now. And if you see anyone doing that or something else to your car, don't confront them. Just call the cops. Your life comes first. Don't take a bullet for your car. Good luck.


jchapin t1_j9yms5q wrote

This was also done to an Accord on 22nd near Cherry about 2-3 weeks ago. Your car isn’t safe parked on the street at night unless it is near a police precinct.


Tough_Strawberry5519 t1_j9waavb wrote

Philly. That's really all you need to know!