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TheFAPnetwork t1_j9wco6d wrote


mistersausage t1_j9wwgww wrote

But why? Why's it always Hondas?


Linkstas t1_j9y67ml wrote

They swap them onto their older model Hondas. Crv, accord, Civic, integra, Odyssey. Poor people shit.


TPPH_1215 t1_j9y92cf wrote

I hate old odyessys, lol. The drivers piss me off here.


mistersausage t1_j9yua39 wrote

Makes sense, but why don't we see this shit for more expensive cars like BMW or Audi, or Toyotas for that matter?


Linkstas t1_j9zljxu wrote

Different lug nut setups. I believe most honda/acura share the same 4 x / 5x pattern. I assume this keeps cost down.


Also, Most driving a high end bmw/audi probably don't leave it some where easily accessible to thieves just due to the different nature of where they live/work.


mistersausage t1_j9zmet1 wrote

I see plenty of fancy cars parked on the street in Fairmount. The similar lug nuts makes sense, bigger market for hot wheels.


TheFAPnetwork t1_j9x6pig wrote

I think it's the fact that they're factory rims with a low profile tire. They look good, but since there so many out there people figure, fuck it they're easy to take


Darius_Banner t1_ja3godk wrote

It’s trash culture. They believe new rims will enhance their sexual prowess.