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PienotPi t1_j9pozb0 wrote

This is absolutely huge! Thrilled to see that they're making efforts to give us this valuable community resource back. It's interesting that the main branch has been excluded from this list. I'd guess because the facility requires so many more staff members to operate.

Hopefully evening hours are in the near future too.


Vexithan t1_j9pvcgb wrote

FYI some already have evening hours. The Richmond one is open til 6 or 7 most nights of the week now!


Electrical_List_2125 t1_j9vr1xd wrote

I think the main branch is probably just harder to get to for ppl than the neighborhood ones.


thefirststoryteller t1_j9pvyog wrote

Holy cow, my local branch--the Santore library--is on this list! I love that place but it's hard to advocate for it sometimes. Few people love it as much as I do, and of those people nobody but me wanted to make noise about needing more staffing, hours, and money. This is a big win!


LFKhael t1_j9ppn7a wrote

Independence, Institute, and Parkway branches not among them FYI.

Institute is open until 6pm Tues/Thurs/Fri, at least.


mistersausage t1_j9pqsul wrote

Parkway Central weekend hours or bust! Their children's section is an awesome place to take the kiddos.


Vexithan t1_j9pva1n wrote

Bummed mine isn’t on the list but thrilled it’s happening! Hopefully people use the Saturday hours to show them we need them everywhere!


Ng3me t1_j9qqsdf wrote

I just happened to pass Santore Library and noticed the new hours. I love it.


Popular_Objective362 t1_j9qa5n4 wrote

Does anyone know what it’s like to work here? I have an interview coming up.


HelloKitty1988 t1_j9qoyv4 wrote

Librarian in the area but never worked there. I’ve heard mixed things.

It seems to really depend on the branch you get placed at which you don’t know ahead of time. They can also send you to other branches when needed. Some branches you end up more as a social worker than doing librarian work, which for some is a joy, for others not.

I interviewed and it was not really a friendly process, but that wasn’t really the libraries fault and more because it is a civil service job and have their system.

I passed the interview, but then got dumped into a pool of others. They did not explain this portion beforehand. I found out after I “passed” the interview. I ended up declining it when it reached my placement which was about two years later.


Kitsunani t1_j9r5l20 wrote

So happy to see Tacony on this list, miss my local library so much


cambridge_dani t1_j9rm06f wrote

Good we need some smarter people in this city. Spend some time in the library people!!


SouthPhilly_215 t1_j9ron8q wrote

Thats a start… Now can we get 24 hour diners back? And can LA Fitness stay open till midnight again (city ave) and/or till 11pm (some other locations)..? Can we also get the holiday season hours of department stores back to midnight like back in the day? Can we also get bars to stay open till 2am no matter how slow it is? (2am is already a young bul early closing time compared to the surrounding grown up states, namely NY.)