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AbsentEmpire t1_j6uzfpl wrote

Reply to comment by IPA_lot_ in The best seat on SEPTA by lucasj

They were supposed to replace them with plastic seats after that bed bug incident, and to a large extent they have. However several routes notably the 17, 64, and Rt 15 trolley substitute buses, along with older buses near the end of their usable life, are still the gross fabric seats.


mklinger23 t1_j6v8909 wrote

Luckily, I'm pretty sure we're getting new buses at some point this year or early next year that will replace the last buses with clothe seats.


am_pomegranate t1_j6x5l13 wrote

The plastic seats are way less scary, but all new busses means the classic voice will be gone. I like it way more than the tts the new busses have, but willing to say goodbye to it to remove fear of bedbugs and fluid-absorbing.


AbsentEmpire t1_j6z55ok wrote

It was supposed to just be a retro fit project, many buses that had fabric seats were completely replaced by plastic bucket seats and kept going. It's a mystery to me why most of the bus fleet was retrofitted with just a few lines left untouched for years.