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Argentum1078682 t1_j9hegv1 wrote

Cars are losing their native habitat :(



hiding_in_the_corner t1_j9jp1oe wrote

I think there used to be a row of 4 or so Frank Furness rowhouses that were demolished (in the 1990s?) to make that surface lot.

Can anyone confirm?


Edison_Ruggles t1_j9jxb09 wrote

Bring it on! A perfect use for that spot.


porkchameleon t1_j9lsrer wrote

Looks great with all the glass.

A rear treat.


DanHassler0 t1_j9jnnu1 wrote

Did they drop the "community room"?


ColdJay64 OP t1_j9jov0o wrote

That was this development? I vaguely remember reading about that at some point last year.


PurpleWhiteOut t1_j9kt9ez wrote

It looks like it, yes. I didn't see it in the CDR PDF, and it's a few stories shorter than originally proposed when they were using the bonus


barchueetadonai t1_j9i3mjz wrote

They need to stop building these all glass boring af buildings, and start putting some real artistry into them.


NonIdentifiableUser t1_j9ii6vk wrote

They can build them out of shag carpet for all I care, anything is better than a surface parking lot in Center City.


ticonderoga- t1_j9jho8t wrote

Now I’m morbidly curious about how a tower would be with the facade of shag carpet


nalgene_wilder t1_j9jl39v wrote

It would look like a Dr Seuss book but it would murder everyone with dust allergies