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Neilpuck t1_j9wtixh wrote

Worst service of any bar I've been to in this city.


Ng3me t1_ja0wjoh wrote

I don’t want to trash the place but I once went there and sat at the bar. Ordered food. Waited and waited. Saw waitstaff just chilling. Everyone hanging out. Then someone finally decided to run some bad food and our stuff came out very cold. It obviously sat in the window for a while as the servers chit chatted.


Neilpuck t1_ja16anl wrote

My running club has gone there a number of times over the years and their bartenders are really good at ignoring entire sections of the bar. I waited nearly 30 minutes and just gave up. I don't like yelling for a bartender. I know that what I should have done is find a manager and take them aside to explain the situation. If it was one time I'd write it off but it is every single time we're there.