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Vague_Disclosure t1_j9g4wfj wrote

Philly urbanists in shambles


hdhcnsnd t1_j9gd9gq wrote

Short term rentals aren’t ideal but i can’t think of anything much worse than a surface lot.


DeltaNerd t1_j9g8adw wrote

I'm not understanding the sarcasm here


Vague_Disclosure t1_j9g9ewi wrote

developing a parking lot = Good

Short term rentals = Bad

Really not that deep


Dryheavemorning t1_j9gazcs wrote

This is one way to announce you don't understand the basics of housing policy. Short term rentals can be bad when they replace permanent housing, not a parking lot. If anything this saves long term housing from conversion to short term so any good urbanist should be happy.


Vague_Disclosure t1_j9gbx1b wrote

Short term rentals in any form take away from permanent housing


DonQOnIce t1_j9gciay wrote

I think it’s “permanent housing best but short term rentals better than a parking lot.”

I mean, that’s how I feel. What I prefer isn’t always what I get but this is an improvement.


LFKhael t1_j9gfa3p wrote

It's a hotel less than a block from the convention center.

uRbAnIsTs iN sHaMbLeS


justanawkwardguy t1_j9gkeoy wrote

Ah yes, all of the "permanent housing" that that parking lot was providing, right?


An_emperor_penguin t1_j9gw4e6 wrote

look at the area man, there's still like 10 parking lots right around this building, this isn't taking housing away from anyone


SupaflyIRL t1_j9gk3dz wrote

You’re doing a realllllly bad job looking like the reasonable one here.