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outerspace29 OP t1_j95xmay wrote

The fundraiser is happening from noon to 5 pm tomorrow, and a small glass will cost $15 (cash only). All proceeds will fund pediatric cancer research.


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TooManyDraculas t1_j968dhc wrote

I used to have a regular that grew up with Russian River's head brewer. When they were putting out the Pliny's he'd fly back to Cali, and they'd let him pull 20 bombers directly off the fermenter before they started packaging.

Then fly back to the East Coast the next day. He'd have me crack a couple bottles and split them with me at the bar. Then tip me 2 more as "corkage" (guy was a wine maker).

I don't generally drink IPAs, and pretty much hate West Coast IPAs.

But Pliny the Younger that fresh. Was something else. Entirely different beer than the few times I've had it otherwise.

I wouldn't go waiting in line for it, cause I'm not about to do that for any beer.

But if this is materially fresher than the kegs that'll hit in a month, it'd definitely be worth trying. I live nearby, it's my day off and if it's not a shit show I might pop in.


ElectricalMud2850 t1_j968sdc wrote

They said they have plenty to last all day, so it might be worth waiting for the initial crowd to die down.


TooManyDraculas t1_j96asq5 wrote

It's a Monday and it's noon-5pm too. So could go either way. Might get busier as people kick off work.


sheds_and_shelters t1_j962nq5 wrote

Do you know of anywhere else getting it in the city? I know Memphis and Eulogy had it in past years, but they've both closed.


fightinforphilly t1_j963qb3 wrote

Jose Pistola’s has a couple on tap from Russian River. Not Pliny the Younger, but Pliny the Elder and Blind Pig.


sheds_and_shelters t1_j9648dl wrote

Yup — good info for anyone looking for RR generally (and nothing against those beers, I actually prefer Blind Pig to both Plinys), I just was under the impression that nowhere else in the city would have Younger available this year based on radio silence or closings from the usual suspects.


TooManyDraculas t1_j969qzj wrote

Allocations for limited product aren't usually announced or promoted this far out. Accounts might have been notified and put orders in, but a month or so ahead would be a long lead time.

Any place that had/has Pliny the Elder is likely on or had access to the allocation list. Elder is also very limited release. So places that had access to that stand a decent chance of having other hard to get RR beers on tap.

The wrinkle is that apparently a lot more places in Philly got Pliny the Elder this year, and quite a lot of them fairly late in the game. With a lot of places having it on tap longer and getting more kegs than usual.

RR either over produced, or undersold it. Probably due to COVID issues. And opted to send a bunch of the overage to the Philly market.

That might mean a lot more Pliny the Younger out in the wild this year. Or it might mean that a bunch of places that got their other limited releases don't have access to Younger.


darwinpolice t1_j976ij4 wrote

Not technically in the city, but Capone's in East Norriton has some kind of relationship with Russian River and gets both Plinys frequently, and RR does tap takeovers once in a while.


JennItalia269 t1_j97gijt wrote

Huh. Closer to me than Monk’s.

In the past TJ’s in Paoli and Bistro on Bridge in Phoenixville have had it. Dunno about this year.


darwinpolice t1_j97gpc2 wrote

I really recommend Capone's. The food isn't great, but the tap list is always excellent and their bottle shop often has really interesting stuff.


JennItalia269 t1_j97ndjt wrote

I’m in KOP and seen it but never knew how good their tap list was. Thanks for the info man.


Daisy_Steiner_ t1_j9c08mu wrote

That is where I would find all my difficult to source beers in the area.


Shaba117 t1_j9cf6vw wrote

Also if you're in Lower Bucks Co. (Bensalem area), keep an eye on Hulmeville Inn's Facebook/Instagram. They're known for getting PtY and announcing the tapping the day of and they'll just pick a random day - sometimes middle of the week, sometimes the weekend.


liquidbluenight t1_j967u3q wrote

City Tap (usually the U City location) has also had Younger in the past. Not sure about the last few years or this year.


ElectricalMud2850 t1_j968c7w wrote

The real move here is some of the other special drafts to be fair.


TooManyDraculas t1_j96k56f wrote

Honestly the best, most interesting shit they have is often on the bottle/can list. I'm regularly surprised people don't know they have a can list, and that they don't realize they can take it to go.


Jiberesh t1_j97aadi wrote

I work at a beer store. When the pandy hit, there was an abundance of pliny at the wholesalers, so our boss bought a few and tapped them for the employees. That was the best part of the pandy imo


BigDeezerrr t1_j98y8nk wrote

Huh, I didn't expect it to be available throughout the city. Last time I was in a bar with PtY was in SF and they had one keg. People didn't leave until it was empty.


rossdowdell t1_j98l8mh wrote

I was at the last one in 2020. Magnificent day with great friends.

Monk's and Brauhaus Schmitz are city jewels.


BigDeezerrr t1_j98xdja wrote

Anyone know how much they typically have? If I can't get there tomorrow, will it likely be gone before the end of the week? I was at a bar in SF that had one keg of this and people didn't leave until it was gone.


nnp1989 t1_j9b3r2d wrote

It depends on the year. I feel like last year, they not only had more than usual, but did this over a weekend.

I feel like it definitely used to be more than a 5 oz pour, too. Younger is fantastic, but $15 for that is pushing it for me.


doom2 t1_j9bn0z3 wrote

Closer to Friday you go, the more likely it will kick. But next few days should be pretty reliable.