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squidsquad t1_j9ga4wa wrote

Haddonfield residents would rather turn the place into a toxic waste dump than build affordable or indeed any multi family housing


CerealJello t1_j9gel75 wrote

Imagine how many units could go on top of all those surface lots at PATCO stations.


JBizznass t1_j9gfxds wrote

Not everyone wants to live packed in like sardines. Which is why there are different places people can live. I’m all for dense housing in the city, because that is where it makes sense. But not everyplace needs to be an urban megalopolis


donttouchthirdrail t1_j9h1knz wrote

You do want a subway that takes you directly to philadelphia though - convenient!


JBizznass t1_j9hbh2l wrote

Yup. It’s great to live in peace but be able to get public transportation to make money.


Ng3me t1_j9hk2n2 wrote

Public transit without the public.


ItsAlwaysSmokyInReno t1_j9jjg3z wrote

You’re what’s wrong with American cities


JBizznass t1_j9jx44e wrote

How so? Is what’s wrong about American cities really people who want to live in quite safe suburban neighborhoods but who pay a fuck ton in taxes to the nearby city they work in? Is what’s wrong with American cities people who want east access to take public transportation from their home to their office? I personally would put these things pretty far down on the list of what wrong with American cities. But maybe we just don’t have the same priorities.


ItsAlwaysSmokyInReno t1_j9jxod2 wrote

You want to live in the suburbs? That’s fine but you can’t expect public transport to be provided to you.

But you do, and due to capital flight you have more money than the people in the inner city. So you demand that light rail lines be provided to you. And you’re prioritized over the lower class people in the city who actually need public transport.

And then we end up with terrible cities with no intra-city connectivity because all the subway lines prioritize bringing people in from the suburbs and dumping them downtown.

Fuck the millions more people who actually live within the city right?


JBizznass t1_j9p2qv9 wrote

Isn’t the solution more public transit for everyone, not reallocation of public transit to serve a different limited population? I for one would love to see more money responsibly spent on public transportation so that even more people could have access. Higher state gas tax to fund it? Sounds good to me. Or something like NY where if you own a business in a county services by public transit there is a yearly public transit tax. Also a great idea (and something I would have to pay). Why focus on taking away instead of adding on? Especially for something like public transit that is truly beneficial to everyone (even if you don’t take it) in many ways.

Furthermore, not everyone who lives in the burbs is rich. Those same lines that service wealthier burbs also service less well to do areas like norristown, Camden, and lots of working class Delco neighborhoods. They also take workers to their jobs in those wealthier neighborhoods that otherwise wouldn’t have access to those jobs.


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JBizznass t1_j9jxu1v wrote

There is tons of cheap housing in the areas surrounding Haddonfield. I have a buddy who bout a 3 bedroom row house in Oaklyn 2 years ago for $120k. Properties in Camden are dirt cheap. But people want to live in Haddonfield type towns at Camden prices which isn’t the way the world works.


jersey_girl660 t1_j9p2czf wrote

….. you must not be familiar with the haddonfield area at all. They’re very dense suburbs


harbison215 t1_j9gzhde wrote

If you listen to people on Reddit, they’d want Soviet era bloc housing and a ban on cars. Apparently North Korea is what many are aiming for.


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RoughRhinos OP t1_j9gnow1 wrote

Couldn't they maintain the amount of parking with a parking garage or underground parking with grocery store and apartments on top? People aren't saying rip up your McMansion or put a 10 story unit on a suburban block but instead why not turn under-utilized space into apartments. Then people have the option to choose either.


cerialthriller t1_j9hz58z wrote

There’s no lack of space in the suburbs, everything doesn’t have to be fully utilized. Not much sense to spend all that money to create parking structures