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GooFoYouPal OP t1_j7012mt wrote

Reminder that you only need a Sunday Inquirer subscription for full online access. The staff has really been churning out quality content these days. Journalism is not completely dead. Yet.


Lorenaelsalulz t1_j709895 wrote

He was making $200,000 a year at his Sheriff’s Office job. Apart from the conflict of interests, how would he have time to represent private clients whilst holding down a full time job? This is a disgusting abuse of taxpayer funds and absolute fraud.


Little_Noodles t1_j70bdhq wrote

Also, just like, actually how? They know him! Various officers, officials, lawyers, etc in the courtroom have to know who is, yeah? And he’s there too. Doing it where they can see him. How?

I can’t even fathom how much gumption it would take to walk into a courtroom where any number of people going in and out know exactly who you are, put your shit on a desk, and announce that you’re there to do an absolutely bonkers thing that you are 100% not allowed to do.


GooFoYouPal OP t1_j70d3ga wrote

This dude has been one of the most visible, outspoken defense attorneys in this city for decades. EVERYONE in the Philly court system knows him.


roguefiftyone t1_j703pbx wrote

Terrible that this isn’t even shocking. Corruption in this city, and completely ignoring it, is business as usual.


ICanSeeRoundCorners t1_j70g4ge wrote

The Philadelphia sheriff's department is so corrupt. If I recall correctly the last sheriff gave his buddies notice so they could snap up auction properties for cheap and the current one isn't much better. I swear this city needs Batman.


shapu t1_j71j32f wrote

It was also a sheriff's deputy who sold the gun used in the roxborough high shooting - AFTER the shooting. He was moving dirty guns to cover for the crimes his friends were committing.


SBRH33 t1_j71flcq wrote

Ooooof Factor: 10


TheNightmareOfHair t1_j728xjl wrote

Wow. Conflicts of interest aside, this guy is getting $200,000/year for doing what exactly?

In case anyone else was wondering, "Why do we have a sheriff's office and what does it even do": the Citizen has a good explainer, and here are two different editorials saying we just shouldn't.


Sweetpete70 t1_j72gqc0 wrote

Greedy & corrupt MF'er. Never trust a dude who dyes his beard red!