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calvinistgrindcore t1_j8mzufs wrote

Personally, I'd get thousands of guys with gas-powered leaf blowers to blow all the abandoned cars into the storm drains


MacKelvey t1_j8nbrzd wrote

just get a couple temple students to work as interns


SnapCrackleMom t1_j8ndcmt wrote

Make the Temple students who flipped the car on Sunday do it as community service


CroatianSensation79 t1_j8nzwcn wrote

hahahaha. This was Port Richmond last week! I was like this doesn’t make sense.


GebPloxi t1_j8qh7s0 wrote

You should not attach a chain to an abandoned car and pull it so that it blocks a street. Then the city would have no choice but to tow it away. That would be a big inconvenience.