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Dryheavemorning t1_jab9bom wrote

JG Skyhigh at the Comcast Technology Center.


buzz8588 t1_jabikgo wrote

Yup, but be prepared to spend $$$$


SirLaxer t1_jabjeql wrote

You can go up just for the bar, and technically you can go up the escalator and have great views (to the west/northwest) in the area before the restaurant itself for free

After the Liberty Place observation deck closed, I now figure the cost of a drink at JG is like the cost of a ticket at Liberty


John_EightThirtyTwo t1_jadpg0v wrote

I had a drink up there with my family. The drink wasn't crazy expensive. I think it was like eight dollars for a beer. Which is like a six dollar beer and two dollars for the view. I consider it a bargain.


KenzoWap t1_jacgloe wrote

Those bitches used to give you a discount for being a Philly resident but never advertised it.


PurpleWhiteOut t1_jabqkpl wrote

You don't have to pay for anything to go up as the bar doesn't need reservations. If you do get a drink, the beers are reasonably priced


porkchameleon t1_jacjavm wrote

Drinks at both bars are reasonably priced.

Dinner wasn’t outrageous, but my data is from before the pandemic.


nnp1989 t1_jadloj5 wrote

I was just there on Saturday. Beers are reasonable for that kind of setting, but prepare to pay $20+ for any cocktail.

Dinner is still pretty pricey. Easily close to $100+ per person if you're getting any apps or side dishes.

The menu at Jean Georges itself (not Skyhigh) is $218 per person, before tax/tip/beverages. I'd call that outrageous.


porkchameleon t1_jadybjk wrote

> Beers are reasonable for that kind of setting, but prepare to pay $20+ for any cocktail.

Last time I was there last year the cocktails were under $20, but super sweet, mos def not worth the price. I don't mind paying $20 for something great here and there, though.

$100 per person with drinks before tip is a price for a proper dinner at a proper place, no? However, I'd say their prices could be inflated due to the location and the "wow" factor.

The JG $218 tasting menu is a rip off by the looks of it. I can think of several places I'd go to before I'd even entertain an idea of having a dinner there. Their bar is great, though (the one you walk downstairs to, atmosphere and drinks selection).