Submitted by synthetikxangel t3_118w4oi in philadelphia

Hey, I'm a DnD nerd in Philly with a problem. I have maps for my campaign that I'm running (like...a ton of maps) that I'm wanting to get printed. Currently they are multiple page .pdf files. I was wondering how/where I can get them printed as one continuous image. they are various sizes, but I THINK the larges is 64 x 20 inches.


Also not trying to break the bank.



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SnapCrackleMom t1_j9jf570 wrote

You need a place that does "large format" printing. I use to have sewing patterns printed.


RhapsodyQ t1_j9mz0by wrote

Hello fellow sewist! I just replied to recommend pdfplotting before seeing your comment. I've also started using recently because she lets you print specific size layers, which was always one of the cons to pdfplotting for me.


quixoteland t1_j9jg0x2 wrote

Bluedge Printing on Chestnut Street might be able to help.


Yellwsub t1_j9kezta wrote

Bluedge is a solid choice. Campus Copy in West Philly is great as well.


calebnf t1_j9jg3u7 wrote

I’m pretty sure fedex office has plotters.


thefirststoryteller t1_j9jsnu6 wrote

I want to thank OP u/synthetikxangel for running a DnD campaign. It’s a lot of work and time. I hope your players recognize it and celebrate your effort, and that the game is fun for you too!


99centstalepretzel t1_j9k0qfn wrote

ARC Printing, between 7-8th and Callowhill. Large format is their bread and butter. And very reasonably priced!

Source: Used to work in real estate, so I know the feeling of needing large format prints for people with very specific needs (coughcougharchitectscough)


TheFAPnetwork t1_j9jjmg2 wrote

Metropolitan Flag and Banner

They do the vinyl printing for many of the billboards around the city. If you want larger, Berry and Homer in Chester can do it.

Both places can print on paper up to about 64 inches wide. Larger is gonna jack the price up


Void24 t1_j9jme9c wrote

The document he is asking for could be done on a 24 inch plotter (20” widths are very uncommon). Nearly all 24” plotters use roll media so the length requirement is less important. Numerous places can do this and it won’t be very expensive.

Source: I work for a major manufacturer of large format print and have several years industry experience


PhillyPete12 t1_j9ko00k wrote

Except you don’t know the difference between a printer and a plotter


Void24 t1_j9l81go wrote

They come in many different configurations.


crispydukes t1_j9jmew5 wrote

UPS store can plot for you. 24" wide x ??? Long


diatriose t1_j9jpbus wrote

Campus Copy at 39th and Walnut


thefirststoryteller t1_j9jsfyz wrote

I used them for my own DnD maps when I ran campaigns pre-pandemic. I always found Campus Copy a little small, but maybe they have larger sizes I was unaware of.

Great service and reasonable prices iirc though


Dickenstein69 t1_j9kk4lm wrote

Your easiest and cheapest solution may be FedEx Kinkos.


ClintBarton616 t1_j9kdqi5 wrote

I've gotten maps printed as blueprints at Staples, cost less than ten bucks.

Also this is making me want to connect with other local D&D nerds. I haven't had an in-person session since before covid


synthetikxangel OP t1_j9n69nz wrote

I’m actually a house DM at a card shop just over the bridge in NJ! We play Wednesday nights 6-10pm


phillyezra t1_j9mdbuz wrote

You should check out Drinks and Dragons. In South Philly, they run it once a month at La Llorona (sp?)


Hoyarugby t1_j9ndoi3 wrote

My mother is an artist, apparently the Athenaeum does affordable large prints and is known among the artist community for that

Also, I’ve been looking for a dnd group here for a while


synthetikxangel OP t1_j9oevb1 wrote

we play every wednesday from 6-10pm at Top Deck games in NJ. There are current 5 house DMs all running different games. It's 10 a week to just drop in or 10$ a month if you want to be a regular player (they also to TCG like Magic and Pokemon!)


RhapsodyQ t1_j9myeg6 wrote

I get a lot of large format pdf sewing patterns printed from a site called They aren't local, but they are a small business and I've used them often. They have a number of options and sizes and you might be able to find something that works.