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Little_Noodles t1_j73sbe4 wrote

It’s super easy to explore with a tour.

I’ve been there for both day and night tours. The day tours are pretty cool and give you access to locked parts of the campus.

I’d have to imagine that you wouldn’t be able to see shit at night without making yourself easy to spot, you’d be likely to hurt yourself on the grounds without a flashlight (there’s lots of constructiony areas and uneven ground), it would be hard to tell which buildings are safe to enter and which aren’t, and a lot of the spaces that are the most interesting to explore are the ones they’ve prioritized making accessible, so they’ll be locked up.

Plus, if you’re really looking to catch the wild stuff, a lot of the tours include former employees. Bunch of old ladies that got hired in their 20s, whose entire inventory of fucks to give and capacity to be grossed out was burned out of them by 30. There’s nothing you can see there in the dark that beats watching two old broads compare notes about how to get human shit out of your hair before your husband gets home.


xtimewitchx OP t1_j74z23e wrote

Aah there’s no option to book a regularass tour. Maybe they don’t have them this time of year?


Little_Noodles t1_j74zx80 wrote

Possibly? I definitely grabbed the first link that showed up on Google (on mobile, halfassing it on my way out of work), which may not be the only option.

I can tell you that it’s being managed by a dedicated but small team that maintains a reasonably active onsite presence, but is underfunded and would be justified in winding down public operations during months in which too few people were willing to be outside and in buildings with no temperature control for extended periods.

So it’s possible you’re out of luck this time around. But I would do a search beyond the first hit link I found to make sure. I’d even add that I’ve had good luck emailing organizations like this - I’ve scored many a private tour (not from here specifically, but from similarly sized and smaller organizations) at only a slightly higher than normal donation rate from someone that was going to be there anyway. You wouldn’t get the older ladies that reunion for the tours - but you would get a pretty custom, private tour of an unusual place.


xtimewitchx OP t1_j750fkv wrote

Good idea. I’ll be in that area on Monday so hopefully I can get a hold of someone this weekend


Little_Noodles t1_j75ey7y wrote

Best of luck to you! I've never tried to score a private tour from this group during an off-season, but it is something that often works with similarly sized and smaller organizations. Especially if you mention being willing to pay and having a flexible schedule in your email.


xtimewitchx OP t1_j78c3gv wrote

The main number is actually the curators cell phone. I called twice (bc I missed what the vm said) and didn’t even leave a message. She texted me back very shortly after.

Anyway, it’s $250 for a private tour for 4/5 people. Out of my budget at the moment but def interested in the future.

Gotta figure out some other stuff to do in the area


Little_Noodles t1_j78chup wrote

Yeah, that’s a little steep. The general public tours are much more affordable. Best of luck on the things to do hunt!